Tennessee Real Estate

by : Tom Beaty

The Blue Ridge Mountains run through Tennessee offering rolling hills, mountains and lush greenery throughout the western part of the state. You will find there are several cities in Tennessee that have a large draw other than just the countryside of mountains. Nashville, Chattanooga, Brentwood, Franklin, and Knoxville are just a few of the larger cities that have recently seen a fluctuation in real estate. You will find the climate is relatively mild in the state of Tennessee. It offers snow in some parts during the winter, but for the most part the temperatures like to hang around 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the season. There are several reasons if you are a baby boomer looking for a vacation home or just a new place to live.

At the moment there are many communities that are for older folks. This means that communities in Knoxville and the county are offering residential homes to those who are over fifty. The communities offer the amenities such as no steps, no maintenance, and other activities that can become to strenuous in later life. While those who are fifty have not yet reached that stage, it is nice to have Tennessee real estate that will be a good investment for the future.

The communities for the homes in Tennessee real estate offer a wonderful location for where families and older generations would like to live. The housing is built in safe neighborhoods where it is easy to walk between houses and become a real part of a community rather than spend the days not knowing who your neighbors are. They are also close to public transportation. While not all communities in Tennessee are like this there is an overwhelming need for these types of places and they are being seen as a positive point for finding a vacation home or a safe home for children. The schools are near by, especially for those who would like to take continuing education courses from the Pellissippi State Technical Community College.

You will find the Tennessee isn't just about Nashville and the homes of the rich and famous making country music or struggling artists looking for cheap apartments. There is plenty of recreation near the real estate offered through out the state. You will find hiking, walking, biking, and other activities such as cultural events that will have a lot of fun for you in the communities. The housing will range of course in cost depending on the area of the cities and outlying areas. Most often you will find housing is in the mid 200's and above for vacation homes, condos, and single family homes. For those looking to retire you will also find the taxes in Tennessee are lower than other states like Florida. While you don't have the beaches that exist in Florida you are going to find a more marketable investment, especially with the lower taxes.

Tennessee is still trying to increase the amount of individuals moving into the state, which is why they are often trying to find the best deals to entice new individuals and family.