Dallas, Galveston, Texas Real Estate

by : Tom Beaty

Dallas East real estate is seeing a decreasing market trend while housing prices are up 5-10% over last years numbers. There are more sellers than buyers in this particular Texas real estate market and homes are sitting on the market for between 90 and 120 days. Homes are priced on average around $475,000 dollars and sellers are receiving between 95 and 100% of their listed initial asking price. There are no repeat offers and the market is being driven by both job growth and repeat buyers.

Dallas uptown is also experiencing a price increase of five to ten percent with homes averaging about $475,000. There is a decreasing market trend with a good solid inventory listed. Housing is sitting on the market for 90-120 days due to a lack of buyers in the area. Sellers are not receiving multiple offers but good news is they are receiving 95-100% of their initial asking price. Repeat buyers are showing the most activity on the market and job growth is what is driving selling and purchasing in this area of Texas real estate.

Northeast Dallas Texas real estate is seeing more sellers than buyers as well with homes sitting on the market only thirty to sixty days. The market trend is decreasing. There is a good supply of homes and homes are averaging about $175,000 up somewhere close to five percent over last years numbers. In addition, here is excellent news if you are a seller. Homes are receiving more than 100% of their asking price with multiple offers. Repeat buyers are driving this Texas real estate market with good economic news behind relocation or purchases.

If you are looking for an area of Texas real estate close to shopping, restaurants and recreation look no further than the North Dallas area. This are is close to the George bush and north Dallas toll ways as was as the LBJ freeway. Housing prices are averaging around $250,000 with no change in the market trend though these housing averages are up 0-5% over last years. Houses in this area are staying on the market for between 60-90 days and there are multiple offers. While there are more sellers than buyers, sellers are receiving multiple offers and repeat buyers show the most activity.

Galveston, Texas real estate is a spot that is definitely seeing some action. There are more buyers than sellers and that has caused the average home price to jump twenty to twenty-five percent compared to last year. Homes on average are selling for around $350,000 and there is a good supply on the market with an increasing market trend. If you are looking to sell your home, expect multiple offers of ninety-five to one hundred percent of your asking price. Homes are usually only staying on the market for 60-90 days before selling. Job growth seems to be the contributing factor to the market's success and first time buyers are showing the greatest amount of activity in this Texas real estate market.

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