The Unique and Beautiful City of Highland Park

by : Richard Soto

In the year 1843, a man known as Dr. John Cole, originally from Virginia, purchased over four-hundred acres of land, in the Republic of Texas. Included in the land was the area that would later become known as Highland Park and University Park. The area received its name because it is situated upon 'high land'.

The area of Highland Park and University Park did not begin to develop until the very late nineteenth century when gravel streets were constructed. Highland Park has grown since its humble beginnings and is now called 'Home' to ten thousand residents. The area of Highland Park and University Park is situated just four miles north of Dallas.

The Amenities of Highland Park

Highland Park has been named one of the wealthiest cities in the country. In fact, Highland Park is the nineteenth wealthiest city that has a population that exceeds one thousand residents. The two areas, both Highland Park and University Park, have been nicknamed the Park Cities.

Addresses in the Park Cities are highly sought after by professionals and families. One of the reasons for this is because Highland Park is the 'second best educated city'. The 'first best educated city' is University Park. Residents are assured that their children will receive an excellent informal and formal education.

The Highland Park Independent School District is ranked as the 'second best high school' by Newsweek. An education is very important to parents and professionals that believe in continuing their education. This is just one of the reasons though, why so many residents desire a coveted Highland Park or University Park address.

Highland Park is noted for its gorgeous, serene tree-lined streets and expensive homes. Highland Park real estate has been in demand for quite some time. People want to live in this beautiful, vibrant upscale community that is considered to be an 'island of residential solitude'. Highland Park homes for sale sell extremely fast.

An Overview of the Residents of Highland Park

The residents of Highland Park and University Park are employed in scientific management, professional sectors, administrative services, education, heath, social services and rental and leasing. The Highland Park Village invites residents to visit over eight shops, offices and restaurants. The Park Cities combined have a grand total of twenty-five stunning parks.

The Demand for Highland Park Real Estate

Highland Park and University Park real estate has experienced such an increase in demand that new developments are currently being constructed. As more and more people relocate to the Highland Park area there is new construction of residential homes, luxury condominium homes and rental units.

The Cambridge of Highland Park is an ongoing project which is converting fifty-five apartments into exquisite, breath-taking condominium homes. Many financial experts believe that now is a great time to invest in Highland Park real estate, as the city becomes more prosperous and highly sought after. One of the Highland Park real estate properties that is in demand the most are the beautiful mansions that are located on large, plush lots.

The growth of Highland Park and University Park is predicted to continue for the next twenty years. The Park Cities will continue to expand and thrive. Highland Park and University Park real estate is a wise investment for a family searching for the perfect home, or a wise investor looking for the next 'hot' investment.