Clearwater Real Estate - A Solid Base For Investment

by : Robert Lipply

There is a concern among the real estate investors over the increasing real estate price and inventory in the entire United States, a trend that is reflected in Clearwater, Florida, real estate too. As experts feel, this trend may invite some unexpected downfall in the future real estate market in the USA as a whole.

However, real estate in Clearwater, Florida, may be an exception to this. The rising demand of the properties in Clearwater cannot be merely considered as the growing interest shown by the investors in secondary homes. Rather, it is the overall growth of the city and the appropriate utilization of its resources that contributed towards a higher real estate value. Many prominent builders are motivated to invest their money in projects, especially those on single family houses and condominiums.

Clearwater has become a better sought-out place for tourists in order to spend their summer holiday or a long vacation. It attracts numerous visitors every year to it. The statistics suggests that Florida has been witnessing a sharp increase in the number of visitors to it over the past years. From the estimate it can be assumed that over 80 million visitors visited Florida in the year 2004, mainly for tourism activities. Thus tourism has become one of the main sources of income of the city. Related employment opportunities are also on the high. Overall living standard of the city is improving due to various development activities that are being carried out focusing on the commercial aspects of tourism and its benefits to the city.

Real estate in Clearwater attracts investors due to many reasons. It is an attractive city surrounded by beaches that sport a lot of adventurous water activities and recreational sports. Another major factor is its lower real estate pricing compared to many other cities of the USA that share the same standards. The average price of a single home in Clearwater is about $180,000, whereas that of prominent cities in California was about $475,000.

Florida state government offers a lot of tax benefits to its citizens. This is one of the prime factors that causes the flow of outsiders to Clearwater and other cities in Florida. Florida property tax rates are highly favorable for a medium investor. Moreover, there is no state income tax imposed by the Florida state government. Insurance rates, especially those of auto insurance, are comparatively less in Florida.

The overall improvement in the educational standards and the employment opportunities in Florida has created a positive impact on its economy. The city produces highly skilled professionals each year, and most of them find employment in the city itself, contributing towards the economic growth of Clearwater.

Overall the real estate boom in Clearwater can be attributed to the prospective growth opportunities. Though many people used to opt for relocating to Florida just for spending their retirement periods, now the trend is taking a different turn. It is found that young investors are also grabbing a great share in Clearwater real estate investment. This includes both natives and foreign nationals.

The current trend in real estate market in Clearwater is likely to continue for many years.