Doral Real Estate - Little Venezuela

by : Hector Lesende

The city of Doral is located in the north central part of Miami-Dade County in Florida and lies to the west of the Miami International Airport. It is a new city and was incorporated recently in 2003 along with Miami Gardens. Doral was a formerly census designated place. An area not invested with a municipal Government but having a separate physical entity is a census designated place. The city of Doral got its name from the famous golf and spa resort of the same name located within the municipal boundaries of the area. The spa resort in turn got its name from the combination of its owners' names, Doris and Alfred Kaskel.

Doral has an area of about 14 mi sq. The most recent estimate informs us that the city has a population of more than 21,000. An interesting fact about the city is that lots of Venezuelans live here and has the highest number of the said population in the United States. Spanish is considered as the first language in Doral and is followed by English, Portuguese and Chinese.

The education system in Doral is fairly good and the city is part of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools district. It has a wide number of public schools, private schools and charter schools. The only university of considerable importance in the city and the vicinity is Carlos Albizu University.

Employment opportunities in Doral are largely dependent on its Government. Posts can be found in the Office of the City Manager, Office of the City Clerk, the Finance Department, the Police Department and more. Recently, increased commercial activity has turned Doral into a busy area. The city's economy is going through an upswing currently, especially because the city is getting noticed because of its proximity to downtown Miami. Even the Miami International Airport is only a mile away and the nearness to the airport is improving the city's chances in the arena international trade. In fact it is touted as the most rapidly growing city in the Miami- Dade County.

Doral Real Estate is coming back strong. Doral's economy has always been an industrial one since the time it was unincorporated. Earlier shippers and freight forwarders would consider this place as a viable spot to build warehouses so that the Miami International Airport could be treated as the nearest loading areas. During the 1990's the area saw the entry of large developers like Codina and Easton Group into the local market that set up business parks that still play an important part in the economy. Since the economy of Doral is rapidly improving, its real estate market is also going through positive changes. Some of this city's best communities are Doral Estates and Biarritz Subdivision. There are over 1,000 properties available for sale in this city including single family homes, condos and townhouses. The property foreclosure inventory is higher than ever before with many opportunities to real estate investors. The price of real estate in Doral now can be compared to the rest of the US and even the resale value of property is shooting up. Doral Real Estate will rebound in 2008.