House Smart Resolutions for the New Year

by : Carol Freyer

We're always making annual promises to lose weight, start exercising or quit smoking, but what about setting goals for the home? Getting our wishes down on paper helps to solidify plans and make things happen.

Here are some ideas to start with, see if you can add your own to the list.

Paint your home green

You faithfully recycle, but you've never tried composting, maybe it's time to start thinking about more ways to create a green household. Try switching to non-toxic cleaners or organic foods. If everyone does a little...

Finish that basement

Create a project plan to finally renovate the basement. Start by designing a floor plan, determine wall and floor coverings, and then add associated costs to create a budget. Now you have a place to start.

Invest in some quality furniture or accents

Plan on how you can spend less in one area of your life in order to save for something you've always wanted, such as a piece of artwork or a matching bedroom set.

Time to smart-size

Downsizing or smart-sizing is becoming more and more common as children are moving out and going to college. Those large family homes are being traded in for smaller more efficient models that take less of our time and money.

Get organized

Organizing your home has a way of de-cluttering your mind as well as your closets. Mentally it is easier to function in an atmosphere of clarity and order. This may be as simple as cleaning out the closets or purchasing some bookcases or other items to help you feel more organized.

It's picture time

How about those old photographs, wouldn't they look great displayed in an album? Maybe take another look through the digital photos and print some off (they may even make great Christmas gifts).

Take the extra special photos, have them enlarged, find some funky frames and make a collage of images. Display them in themes using color or black and white.