Keeping your Home Allergy Free

by : Kelli Bennett

People develop allergies to a variety of things, and while many of them are outdoor related, such as pollen, many also originate inside the home. Homes that are designed to be energy efficient and therefore seal off all drafts are easy to keep allergy-free, as the chance of outside contamination is reduced.

First and foremost, it must be stressed that the home be kept warm. Any rooms that are unused and left cold could harbor mould or mildew. This mould can contaminate the air throughout the home, and cause all sorts of health problems. Mould and mildew thrive at temperatures below 61.7 F. Keep your entire house above this. It will be worth the extra heating bills in the quality of your health.

Also, be aware of things that can accidentally trap cold air. Large furniture such as couches or shelves, when placed against an outside wall in a less warm room can trap cool damp air behind them. Installing baseboard heaters along all the outside walls in your home can eliminate this. If this isn't possible, be sure to check these areas as often as possible, and keep them clean.

There are many air filters that effectively eliminate both biological and other pollutants. If you have a fire-place or wood stove, consider investing in one, as smoke inevitably makes its way into your home and can negatively affect health. Some of these air filters are electrostatically charged, and literally pull particles out of the air and trap them in a filter.

Consider what type of vacuum you have. Consider installing a filtrations system that is certified for use in cases of allergies. These will have better filters, making it less likely that allergens such as dander, dust or mold particles are blown right back into your home. Central vacuum systems that vent outside can also eliminate this problem.

As cozy as carpets are, they aren't the best thing if you suffer from allergies. They tend to trap more dust and dander than wood or laminate floors.

Also, be sure to dust the home often to eliminate the build up of allergens. Keep in mind the hard to reach places such as above doorways and on top of appliances. Blinds and drapes collect dust, as do fans. In fact, fans not only accumulate dust, they spread it around whenever they are used.

Finally, if you're having an unexplainable bought of allergies, check your indoor plants. Some flowering plants do produce pollen, and this just might be the problem.