Marketing your Home Over the Holidays

by : Richard Soto

It's hard to imagine selling a home at Christmas time; especially with all the parties, shopping, and family obligations, who has the time for open houses? Some realtors are of the belief that it makes more sense to temporarily take your house off the market until the New Year, but there are others who believe this is a missed opportunity.

Now is the time to let your agent pick up the slack; while you're out shopping, they can be showing your house. Depend on them to market your home while you're busy with holiday planning. You can still have your parties, but make certain you communicate which dates are not convenient for showings.

Houses tend to show very well during the holidays, and conveniently, your home is usually most presentable at this time. After cleaning and sprucing up for impending house guests, your home is in perfect shape for those last minute showings and open houses. Homes decorated for Christmas also have an inviting, family feel about them. It makes it easier for prospective buyers to imagine their own families living in the home.

Although the market slows down somewhat over the holidays, the buyers out there tend to be more serious about purchasing a home. If they have to relocate their families mid year, they only have a small window of time in which to find a home and close the deal. Signing a contract by New Years could mean a move by spring break; perfect timing for families with school age children.

Some buyers deliberately shop for a home after the summer rush is over. Many have hopes of getting better pricing at this time, as well as weeding out the sellers who are simply testing the waters. People also have more time off during the holidays and it can be easier for both parties to meet for house showings.

Generally there are reduced housing inventories at holiday time, which means more realtors are giving your home attention. You may actually experience more showings during this time, compared to busier seasons.

If you're thinking of selling, maybe it's time to clean the walkway, decorate the house and get that sale sign on your lawn.