Scottsdale - There is No Place Like it

by : Rick LeForce

People who live in Scottsdale will tell you that there is no place like it! People only move in here - they never move out!

The climate is only a part of it and yes - it is true that here they boast 300 days of sunshine a year. Who wouldn't want to live here? If you would love to live in a stimulating culture where there is an abundance of recreational opportunities, then take a look at Scottsdale. It has the perfect climate, endless recreational choices, a prolific nightlife and shops galore! Oh! Did I forget to mention the world-class golf?

The climate makes Scottsdale an ideal retirement area; you will never be too cold in sunny Scottsdale. Your body will not ache from the damp and you can breathe easy here in our dry and warm climate. One of the disadvantages is that you may never again experience goose bumps.

Hot summer months can tip into the hundreds, but average around eighty. For the cooler months, December and January records show highs in the mid sixties and lows in the upper thirties. The hottest day ever recorded was one hundred and nineteen degrees Fahrenheit in 1972.

By comparison, the coldest day ever recorded was exactly a hundred degrees different at only nineteen degrees Fahrenheit in 1955. Although many snowbirds flock to Scottsdale for warmth, the average population of residential retirees is well under the 40% mark.

Scottsdale does enjoy seasonal changes, a fact which is often unappreciated by outsiders. The winter time is a good time to enjoy the variety of courses offered by the local community colleges. You can learn almost anything here in Scottsdale, from writing to beading to how to invest in property.

Which brings me to my next topic: it is an ideal time to invest in Scottsdale property right now. The market has dipped slightly, and you can catch a bargain before the springtime realty rush. Some forecasters believe that in another few years people will be clamoring for a home in places like Scottsdale.

This is because Scottsdale is the ideal retirement area, and in a few years the largest demographic group of retirees ever (the baby boomers!) will all be looking for retirement homes. So get yours now while homes are still affordably priced!

Come springtime everyone will be visiting Scottsdale again to join in all the events and the bargain window for realty may be gone. The wonderful events alone bring some people here to live.

They include the world-renowned Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. This annual event, one of several yearly shows held in Scottsdale, attracts thousands of visitors and over 2,000 horses from all over the world. The Jaycees Parada del Sol is another famous month-long event which attracts cowboys and cowgirls from all across the nation. Other yearly events include the Barrett Jackson Auto Show and the very popular Art Festival.

The word 'golf' has become synonymous with Scottsdale, and every year the FBR Open Golf Tournament is held right in Scottsdale. With over 200 public and private golf courses, there is no shortage of golf enthusiasts here. Several professionals have been quoted as saying that golf in Scottsdale is as good as the game can get. If your handicap is higher than you would wish, try target golfing; this form of the game, sometimes known as desert golf, was pioneered in Scottsdale.

Scottsdale has been quoted in travel magazines as an internationally recognized premier tourist destination. Visitors flock here from all over the world to enjoy this beautiful area; why don't you?