The Climate is Right

by : Anne Eliason

Are you getting tired of handing over all your money every month to the landlord? Does it seem impossible to think of getting your own home? If you are renting and wishing that you could buy - now is a good time, in some areas, to take the plunge into the property market.

And what better area than where there are 300 days of sunshine per year? And what better place than a beautiful, warm valley which offers more than twenty cozy communities spread over 9,000 miles?

The Phoenix Valley is a great place for young people just starting out on their real estate adventure. Employment choices are varied as there are so many large companies located in the area. There are multiple college courses and community classes to choose from and the recreation choices are endless.

Not only is the climate in Phoenix perfect, but the climate in the realty market is perfect too. First time buyers may not be aware that housing prices are lower than they were last year. There is a dip in the market, just at the moment, and first time buyers could cash in on it. Some realtors in the area are amazed at the bargains that can be snapped up right now.

Prices are much lower than a year ago and as interest rates are almost at a record low - the time is right! Many first time buyers may also qualify for assistance in buying a house in the Phoenix area. The Arizona Department of Housing will offer help to some buyers with a down payment and the closing costs. There can also be help with a Mortgage Revenue Bond Home Loan if you are a first time buyer and this may give you a tax credit.

If you are a wannabe 'D.I.Y.' person, then you could apply all your skills and even increase the equity in your first home. Most first time buyers are happy to give up their weekends and paint and hammer, they just want the chance to do it on their own home! But if this doesn't appeal to you then in Phoenix there is all the sunshine and recreational activities a person could wish for.

In the cooler months you can take up whatever skill or subject you wish to learn. Local colleges offer a large range of diverse interests, from Health Management to Liberal Studies, Art or even Chemistry! (There are also classes teaching you how to renovate!)

There are exciting yearly events in the nearby areas, such as the FBR Open Golf Tournament, the Barrett Jackson Auto Show and the very popular Art Festival.The Jaycees Parada del Sol is another famous month-long event which attracts cowboys and cowgirls from all across the nation, as does the world-renowned Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show.

With so many visitors flocking to this area in the spring, prices may increase again. It is always scary to buy your first house, but it is less frightening when there is a chance you may pick up a bargain!