Options Available When You Cant Find Your Dream Property

by : Brad Wrigley

You've decided to move. The west coast of Ireland and its magical countryside is your chosen destination. Weekends golfing and sailing are among your aspirations. After hours of scrutiny you and your family realise that hiring a specialist Property Finder such as Emerald Haven will save you both money and time. As with all of our clients, you demand and expect something a little bit special and as with all of our projects we will deliver it. Maybe it already exists! A 200 year old farmhouse whilst retaining it's charming and weather beaten stone exterior, is fitted out with the most state of the art technology and interior designed furnishings. We've found it, you love it, we've negotiated down the price and our costs are covered twice over. It sounds straight forward and it really is.

Of course, your dream home won't always be waiting to be purchased and the best property finders in Ireland should strive to present you with the closest matches available. This is not an ideal situation for the buyer but it is a common one. When you pay someone to look for your dream home you expect them to find your dream home. However, there are solutions out there and in this article we hope to make the decision process that small bit easier if it's not going your way. So, what should you be considering if your dream house is not on the market? Well................

1. You can continue looking. Ensure that the Real Estate Broker, Buyers Agent or the Property Finder agrees to keep searching until you are either satisfied or instruct them to do otherwise. If you are not in any way constrained by time this may be the most cost efficient approach as that perfect place may come on to the market eventually. Also, if time is becoming an issue, your service provider should be approaching Irish homeowners with speculative offers!

2. Purchase the property which is the closest match to your requirements and move right in! Of course flexibility is the secret here and if you are willing to compromise on some of your specific requests then your Property Locator should have no problem finding a suitable home within your timeframe.

3. Purchase the property which is the closest match to your requirements and the one that you believe has the potential to be redesigned or renovated to your specifications. This is a great way of putting your own stamp on your home but does not come without some words of caution! Once you are living in your property any major redesign or construction work will cause disruption and probably a great deal of inconvenience. First hand experience in the property industry has taught us this lesson. Such a project requires a determined approach and most importantly a strong relationship with your partner! You will also need a robust project plan, a trusty builder and a tight reign on your budget.

4. The final and in our experience the most sanity preserving method is to use a Property Finder with an in-house Development Consultancy team. This is a revolutionary breed of company and one that will manage everything from the initial search process to a complete redesign project and delivery of your bespoke and tailored property. Although a relatively simple concept, this approach is the ideal way of ensuring that if your perfect home isn't available when you want it then all is not lost. Organisations such as Emerald Haven will take a very specific brief from their clients at the outset of what they expect from their dream property. Your search team will then undertake a comprehensive property search based on your requirements. The priority should always be to find an existing property which meets all of the clients needs. However, if this is not possible, your property finders Development Consultancy team will be in a position to offer suggestions on how a property can be redesigned to a tailored fit and should provide a detailed plan and budget to achieve this. Once agreed, and the property has been purchased, the Development Consultancy team will manage every detail for you and your next big decision should be when to plan the house warming party!