Role of Valuator in Appraisal and Sale of a Property

by : William King

The valuators can be the ultimate people to determine how much money you get from the sale of your property. They can make a good or a bad deal of it!

If you ask someone what he estimates to be the value of his house, the answer will be the maximum any individual wants to pay for it. To sell a house at the price expected by the owner is very difficult. The companies of mortgage only lend up to the highest value it has been appraised at. So the property tends to sell below the value of appraisal. So appraisal is vital for the selling of your property.

Apprehending the process of appraisal-
Appraisals are very subjective so they can be easily tampered with. The cognitive operation starts with the equaling of your house with a few other similar houses. The appraisers generally prefer to refer to properties more or less very similar to yours in terms of size, amenities, etc. However the difficulty is that any two houses are not similar in all respects. The main consideration is the location. Though the compared house may be an exact replica of yours, the location plays a BIG role. Houses in posh localities are often preferred more, and have a higher value than others, though the tax base changes.

The next task the appraiser is faced with is to value the property of yours, after making adjustments for amenities added by you (color to the house, new bed, etc.) Often, they mark these with terms like 'excellent', 'moderate' and 'in a poor condition.' These grades are also subjective, because it is determined on the appraiser's own estimates owing to his taste, judgment and experience, which is important, since then an experienced appraiser will be more accurate and unbiased in his valuation process.

Influencing the process of appraisal-
This can best be done by being physically present during the appraisal, which will guide even the appraiser whenever he would require your inputs, as you know the best about your property. Telling the appraiser about recent changes like laying of tiles, getting a new sofa etc. will enable the appraiser to give a better valuation of your property.

You can also ask the appraiser about the similar property that he might have investigated, and visit a few of them if necessary for your own appraisal. Visiting open houses in your locality helps you judge your own property better, so this can also be done. Here, understanding which blocks are of more worth than the others would enable you to make a better estimate and report to the appraiser, which he personally might skip. Here, the agent of real estate can be of help as they are in close contacts with the best appraisers and have quite substantial knowledge about your locality. Their presence during appraisal will further enhance your chance of getting a good appraisal of your property.

So it is clear that appraisals are vital for the sale of a property. And to ensure maximum benefit, you must take part in this episode. As human beings, appraisers are not fully knowledgeable and are prone to influences. So with your inputs, they'll be able to judge your property better!