Golf Course Communities in America

by : Tim Dillard

The top golf course communities in America share some common characteristics and features that are the essence of what makes them attractive to golfers. To begin with, the golf course must be one that is interesting to play. It needs to challenge the near pro-level player as well as offer opportunities for the novice to perfect his game. It also helps if the golf course is one that is attractive physically. This can be due to beautiful vistas and well-kept landscaping with variety in the greens, roughs, woods, and water areas. Day-to-day maintenance of the course and the facilities is critically important to satisfy players and residents alike.

The top golf course communities in America will have golf professionals who know the sport and who are able to help others at varying levels of competency. A good teacher can help the beginner get started correctly and can also assist a veteran to correct developing or worsening problems that have been preventing better game scores. Looking at other factors of the golf course facilities should include determining whether or not there is an adequate pro shop with employees who know how to discuss equipment options.

It goes without saying that the top golf course communities in America will be located in areas of the country where it is possible to play golf during much or all of the year. Whether you are a retiree or a working person, choosing one of the communities located on or near the first tee means you are minutes from being able to play a round of golf. You can spend a few minutes before heading off on the daily commute on the putting green, or play a leisurely 18 holes daily whenever you have the desire. It's almost always possible to find someone who needs a player to complete a foursome and you can be sure that all your neighbors appreciate the game of golf.

The top golf course communities in America take the word "community" very much to heart. Neighbors look out for each other and often meet not only on the golf course, but in the club house and participate in the other activities that surround the community. Housing is attractive and typically situated to take advantage of the nearness to the course, but also to provide vistas of green, wide streets, and excellent security factors. Making the choice to reside in a golf community provides many other attractive amenities in addition to the golf course itself.