Why Selling and Letting Property Privately is the Way Forward

by : Laura Tindill

Gone are the days where selling your home meant heading down to your local Estate Agent to make arrangements. More and more people are now relying on the internet to find their dream home, opening up numerous opportunities for sellers to save money on the cost of selling and to achieve maximum exposure of their property.

Many people feel that selling property privately is the way forward. By doing so you can save thousands in commission, more closely monitor the progress of your sale, and actively find a buyer by putting yourself in the driving seat when is comes to selling your home.

By managing your own sale, you can monitor the amount of interest in your property on a daily basis, receive direct feedback from potential buyers, make sure that any possible sales leads are followed up, ensure interested parties are informed of information that could sell your property and pay only a small monthly listing fee avoiding any contracts. Laura Jones from the nationwide property website Pads4People, said that 'selling privately can save you time and money'.

Creating your own property advertisement can take as little as 5 minutes and most private property sale websites will have a straight forward and easy to use template where you can add photographs which will attract even more buyers. Some companies offer personalised self assembly For Sale boards directing people to your online advertisement and will also advertise your property on their partner sites at no extra cost.

Managing your own sale can be a very easy and straight forward process. You can choose to be contacted via email or phone by potential buyers and will only be contacted to answer any questions on your property or to arrange a viewing. Once you have an offer, its just a case of exchanging solicitor details with your buyers.

Many people are under the impression that they need to use an Estate Agent due to the implementation of Home Information Packs. This is not the case. Estate Agents purchase packs from independent pack providers. Anyone selling their property, can apply for a pack direct from a pack provider and most private sales websites will recommend a company for you to use at a fraction of the cost of going through an Agent.

By using a private sales website, creating an interesting advertisement with attractive photographs of your property and also using a self assembled For Sale board, you can maximise your chances of a quick sale with as little expense as possible, reaching both local and nationwide potential buyers.

www.Pads4People.co.uk deals with private sales and lettings for ?49 per property per month.