Choosing A Real Estate School

by : Gabriel Adams

In order to become a licensed real estate agent you must first attend a real estate school, and then pass your state's real estate license examination. Real estate law and procedures vary from state to state, so passing the real estate examination in one state does not give you the right to conduct business in other states. In other words, you will need to pass the real estate license examination in every state in which you intend to do business.

But the first step to get into real estate is to decide on a real estate school. There are many programs available in every state, and online real estate school is also becoming a popular option for many students. With so many choices though, how can you know which real estate school to choose?

When considering a real estate school, whether a traditional "brick and mortar" school or an online school, it pays to be cautious. There are new real estate schools that have basically written their own course material, and you should be especially skeptical of these schools for a variety of reasons.

Primarily, the best real estate schools will use courses written by recognized authors and real estate experts such as Crawford or Coleman. These courses have been tested over time, and ensure that you receive a solid foundation in real estate procedures, sales, laws and best practices.

For many people, time is their greatest concern in completing real estate school and obtaining their state license. In these situations, online real estate schools can be a wonderful alternative. Working professionals with families and children may not have time in their busy schedules for a traditional real estate school; but almost anyone can make time for online real estate study, as it allows a much greater degree of flexibility.

When considering an online real estate school, make sure that the school allows one full year to complete the pre-license coursework. A few schools, particularly fly-by-night organizations, will allow only a few months to complete the coursework. However, if you should have any trouble with the specific section of the course, you could find yourself in trouble, and your tuition for the school could be wasted. Insist upon real estate schools with a one year allotment to complete all courses.

Even though online real estate schools are much more convenient and flexible than their traditional counterparts, they are not all created the same. Check that the online school you are considering offers seven day a week support from an instructor. Cheaper real estate schools will sometimes offer 48 hour, or even 72 hour call returns or e-mail replies to your questions. Obviously, most busy professionals do not have that kind of time to waste on a simple question.

After completing real estate school you will be considered a licensed real estate sales "associate." But you will still need to sit for the state real estate licensing examination in order to be a licensed Realtor.

Real estate is a wonderful career that offers enormous potential for financial growth and security. And the path to becoming a licensed Realtor begins with your choice of real estate school. Shop around and compare carefully to find the best real estate school to fit your schedule and budget.