Fsbo - Property for Sale by Owner

by : Les Calvert

FSBO - For sale by Owners Property for sale by Owners - There are some circumstances that could spur people to come up with the decision to sell their homes. People find themselves in situations such as financial difficulties, extreme debt, divorce/separation or any other major turn in life that could make them think of selling their properties. In some cases, homeowners opt to take this action due to a repossession order. This situation can make them realize that it is necessary to free up the capital in their homes in order to pay their creditors back and get themselves out of difficulty before the courts act against them.

As is common practice nowadays homeowners usually employ the services of a real estate agent to sell their propery. But more and more people are looking at selling their homes directly themselves through FSBO sites. Selling properties through For Sale By Owners websites(FSBO) is now becoming a growing trend and is increasing in popularity. In recent years, the percentage of home sales via FSBO in the United States alone is around 12-15% while in Canada, it is higher at 20-25%. Home selling via FSBO is also beginning to gather momentum in the United Kingdom as it reaches the 10% mark of overall property sales..

Today, almost 75% of property buyers globally begin their search on FSBO websites. This increases the potential of selling properties faster without having to deal with realtors or estate agents abroad. Below are some of the benefits of selling your home on your own.

Benefts of selling your home through FSBO Huge Savings on Commission FSBO is a good way to save a huge amount of money as you can avoid the expensive real estate sales commissions. This saving can help you in price negotiation with potential buyers. The disadvantage of FSBO in this regard, as shown by surveys, is that some buyers feel that homes being sold by owners might be overpriced because they do not know the market. However this is a changing attitude as more people become aware of the advantages of selling privately.

Selling can be faster A buyer might not pay the asking price when they know you are using an agent agent because they realise that in some cases there could be a 5% commission involved which they could negotiate off the price of the property if dealing directly with the owner. Hence, they will naturally offer less. The choice is yours between accepting less, losing more equity or waiting for a buyer to pay the inflated price. However, none of these choices are desirable. Always remember that an overpriced home will stay on the market for a longer period of time and what's worse is that buyers will think there is something wrong with the house and that is why it is still on sale.

Greater market immunity Selling by owner makes financial and practical sense in both buyers' and sellers' markets. Lots of similar homes are being sold and the competition is tight. FSBO gives a competitive advantage to that homeowner because they can afford to be more price-competitive than their neighbor who is listed with a real estate agent. The buyer will normally prefer the comparable property which is being offered for a lower cost. On the other hand, buyers' demand for homes outstrips the supply. Therefore, it is not smart to pay a commission and sacrifice any portion of your equity. FSBO will enable you to retain the maximum amount of your hard-earned equity.

Convenience You are in control when you sell on your own property. You can set the schedule of your own appointments with potential buyers. You don't have to rush into making your home spotless and clean just in case an agent decides to bring a client that day to show the property. With FSBO, you are completely aware when people are coming for a visit. Therefore, you can make the necessary preparations.

Less stress and frustration This will make you less stressed because you are in control and could act accordingly based on your schedule. You will also know how much effort you should give in selling your own home. Therefore, you will not be frustrated that the agent you contacted is not doing enough work.

Conveyancing Many agents argue that they offer the liaison between the buyer and seller and know the conveyancing route especially as in the UK the new HIPS (Home Information Packs) packages have been introduced. However, do not be fooled there are many independent HIPS agents that can offer you the same services for a set fee.

Best results Since you are the one personally handling potential buyers, you would easily know who are really interested. Being the owner of the home, you are the one who is very much aware of its features. Therefore, you know how to explain it best.

Disadvantages of selling your home through FSBO On the contrary, a homeowner should know that there is no perfect method in selling a home. There are also risks in FSBO.

One disadvantage is that a homeowner might sell with a price that's too low. This, because the asking price is usually below market value. The aim of FSBOs is to attract buyers who are after bargains and an FSBO buyer usually thinks that he can negotiate for a much lower price because he is aware that there are no agents fees involved in the sales.

One other disadvantage of selling without an agent is that many direct sale transactions never close. Some of these deals are aborted because the buyers aren't properly qualified for financing before they enter into a purchase contract as opposed to this, a good real estate agent will make sure that you won't accept an offer from a buyer who isn't qualified. If you know how to call for assistance especially when it is appropriate to do so, prequalification and pre-approval can be accomplished quickly. One reason why many FSBO deals have not become successful is that no experienced person is working to move the transaction along and resolve problems when they arise of which, negotiations are often involved.

Summary Given these facts, property for sale by owners (FSBO) is considered to be an easier option to sell a home as there is no real secret because the truth is that homes sell themselves. Present your home attractively, give your client a fair price, be consistent with your market, advertise it and then expect offers. It only takes enough knowledge, patience and a little bit of business acumen.

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