Grande Vista Bay

by : Tim Stewart

The southern charm and comfortable climate of Rockwood, Tennessee can be enjoyed at its fullest in Grande Vista Bay. Located on Watts Bar Lake just a short drive from the Smoky Mountains, Grande Vista Bay offers ample opportunities to enjoy the fishing and mountainous region in a beautiful waterfront property with lush landscapes. Travelers and locals alike have come to find the area to be unrivaled in quality for a retreat-with its breathtaking views and charming set of towns nearby, Grande Vista Bay in Rockwood is a piece of the southwest with unparalleled beauty.

Located north of Chattanooga and west of Knoxville, the small town community of Rockwood offers a wealth of opportunities to enjoy the small-town lifestyle with easy access to the area's rich countryside and attractions. Grande Vista Bay can be found amongst the city of Rockwood, and it's easy to fit into this friendly community of just under 6,000 residents. The neighborhood offers plenty of diversions and attractions for the whole family, along with a strong educational system and city government. Dozens of small businesses including antique shops, dog grooming stores, barber shops, and craft outlets are scattered throughout the city, all offering a simple excursion into small-town life after a day of exploring the natural locales around the area.

The city of Rockwood is built on Cherokee land, and continues to offer a rich history and cultural influences from the old South. While the railroads and small businesses from the civil war era have slowly disappeared, the area still offers rich acres of untouched land and exceptional views from the natural attractions. The Fort Loudoun State Historic Area and Kingstone Lisle are just two famous historic sites near Rockwood, and another opportunity to explore the area's historic roots. Old trains and remnants are showcased in area museums, and antique shopping is a pastime for many locals who have lived in the area for most of their lives.

Grande Vista Bay is tucked away near the Roosevelt Mountains, a scenic attraction that can offer a clear view for miles around with a quick drive up. Hiking and walking trails throughout the forest and lush countryside offer ample opportunities to pursue an adventurous lifestyle. Nearby trails, mountain climbing trips, and even cave explorations offer some exciting opportunities for adventurous spirits. Spring and summer are the perfect time to enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the change of seasons throughout the area; fall and winter bring together the seasonal harvest, along with community celebrations and festivities.

The Tennessee River hosts fishing tournaments and boating excursions throughout the year, and a series of festivals and community get-togethers around the river provide something for everyone. Fishing on the lake, charter boats and yachting opportunities for cruises, and simple tours of the shoreline are just a few choices for taking a miniature adventure break and learn about the area. Grande Vista Bay is offers a prime location to enjoy the sunsets each day and view the incoming boats and cruises along the river.

With the Smoky Mountains as its backdrop, Grande Vista Bay offers the best of Southern living with easy access to a small-town community.