Eureka Springs Ranch

by : Tim Stewart

Eureka Springs Ranch is quickly becoming one of Arizona's much loved secrets, an area that promises beautiful sunsets, scenic landscapes, and plenty of opportunities to explore the local culture in nearby Willcox, Arizona. From antique shops and museums, to specialty shops and unique restaurants nearby, Eureka Springs Ranch offers the wide-open spaces of the old West within a relaxed community setting.

Eureka Springs Ranch is located east of Tucson, Arizona in a pleasant rural community that continues to attract retirees from around the world. Average temperatures average 60-degree highs in the winter months, and 95-100 degree highs in the summer. Low precipitation and dry heat offer a welcome retreat from humid weather that is most common in the South. The area offers an average of 300 days of sunshine per year and plenty of affordable living.

Clean and pure water, along with comfortable temperatures make the area an attractive spot for leisure and relaxation year round, and many 'winter migrants' flock here to enjoy the long and soothing summers. Located just a short drive from the interstate, and minutes from nearby communities and small towns, Eureka Springs Ranch offers plenty of open spaces and fresh air to enjoy the rich cultural and scenic areas.

For adventurous travelers who wish to experience the rich history and environment around Eureka Springs Ranch, the mountains and hills are ripe for exploration. The famous Dos Cabezas Peaks and Chiricahua Mountains lay nearby with wildlife and panoramic views of the mystifying deserts. Cultural attractions abound throughout the nearby villages and towns; from local artisans to historic museums, the area is filled with opportunity to learn about the rich history of Arizona and the ranch lifestyle.

Eureka Springs Ranch is just a short drive from downtown Willcox, offering the convenience and neighborhood feel of a small town in a friendly and fast-growing community. Willcox is the nearest town to Eureka Springs Ranch, and attracts tourists and locals alike throughout the year. The area is slowly becoming famous for its unique home-town atmosphere and rich history with influences from Southern Arizona and Southwestern New Mexico. The southern Pacific Railroad is just one of ht historical remnants of the area, and the renovated Southern Pacific Railroad Depot in Willcox remains today as one of the area's most popular attractions.

Outdoor enthusiasts staying at Eureka Springs Ranch can explore the mountain ranges and desert throughout the area, and the state's most famous birds of prey and migratory birds can be found throughout the wetlands and lake areas. Farms are scattered throughout the region with an opportunity to pick fresh fruits and vegetables year round. Harvest season calls for apple and pumpkin picking, while spring and summer allow locals to enjoy ripe strawberries and other treats at their leisure.

From picnics to bike trails, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a leisurely lifestyle on Eureka Springs Ranch. Hiking trails and rock climbing opportunities abound near the Cochise Stronghold, and the area's environmental monuments offer even more options for the adventurous traveler or resident.

With comfortable temperatures and plenty of options for exploring, Eureka Springs Ranch is a deserving spot for relaxing and enjoying the Arizona ranch lifestyle.

Eureka Springs Ranch is offered by Arizona Land & Ranches, Inc. ADRE Public Report and ADWR Water Report available. Void Where Prohibited by Law ~ Prices & Availability Subject to Change. Water is not a guarantee to every lot.