Bring Home the Dome!

by : Preston Guyton

The latest buzz in home building surrounds monolithic dome homes. These odd looking properties are strong enough to survive most natural disasters, including hurricanes and earthquakes, and they're also resistant to destructive bugs like termites. These homes are also extremely energy efficient. Dome homes can even be built for roughly the same cost as a traditional stick-built home. The perfect home? Quite possibly. The downside? The very uniqueness of the dome home is also its greatest weakness. Dome homes may be close to being the ideal structure, but until neighbors, buyers, and mortgage companies can accept them, they will remain on the fringe of the real estate market for years to come.

Why aren't monolithic dome homes more common? They really should be, considering the fact that they are so good for the environment in addition to being able to withstand some of the planet's most violent weather systems. Dome homes are so vastly different in appearance to traditional homes, that it can be difficult for people to see their beauty. Dome homes look like something out of a science fiction movie, which is something that most home buyers find hard to swallow.

So far, most of the people that invest in dome homes are looking for something different. They want a house that's more eco-friendly, and unique looking.

Mainstream homeowners on the other hand, want to blend in with their surroundings, to have a home that reminds them of the one they themselves grew up in. Most owners are more concerned with their day to day living, rather than carbon footprints and global warming. But, as the planet continues to feel the effects of our modern civilization, weather systems will continue to rage out of control. More hurricanes and tornadoes will continue to slam into the country, thus creating a greater need for stronger homes. By choosing a dome home, you're doing something positive for the environment, and also creating a safe haven for your family. These homes may be the best choice all around, if you can get over their distinctive looks.

Fortunately, builders and architects are creating more attractive dome home designs. There have even been dome homes built with straight walls on the exterior of the home, thereby creating a more traditional appearance. These new improvements not only help to make dome homes more palatable to home buyers, but to neighbors as well.

Why should you care what your neighbors think of your house? Because if they believe that your home's odd appearance will bring down property values of the entire neighborhood, they may be able to stop you from building your home.

Home Owners Associations are known for their strict rules regarding the size and appearance of homes in the area. Dome homes are so foreign, that it will be difficult to get a green light on your dome home project. Talk with your neighbors about your plans, and bring plenty of photos to introduce them to the wide variety of dome home designs available. Once they see the aesthetic possibilities and learn about the amazing benefits these homes have to offer, they may be more inclined to approve of your plans.

Another hurdle is with the mortgage company, building inspector, and builder. Builders need to know how to deal with a dome home's unique design and inherent challenges. Not just anyone can work with these homes. You need to hire someone who has the training and skill to work on your home.

Most home inspectors have never seen a dome home in person, and therefore have a great deal of difficulty assessing values, and finding potential problems. They simply don't know what to look for, since these homes are so different from stick-built homes.

Mortgage companies are often reluctant to offer financing for dome homes because they are so difficult to assess in terms of value. Will anyone want to buy your home when you move out? Mortgage companies aren't so sure, so they are hard-pressed to approve your home loan.

While there are challenges involved in building a dome home, it is worth it. These homes are eco-friendly, will lower your energy bills, and keep your family safe during most storms and earthquakes. The more information that people have about this revolutionary new type of home, the easier it will be to obtain financing, and up their resell values. Bring home the dome, and bring home the future.