Foreclosure Bailouts: Keep Your Eyes Open

by : David Faulkner

In spite of your best efforts, you have not been able to come up with the funds to prevent you r home from going into foreclosure. The home which has sheltered your family through good times and bad is soon to be destined for the foreclosure auction block, and with it will go all the equity you have spent so long in building.

But there may yet be hope. Before you surrender to what seems to be the inevitable, you may be able to work out a deal with one of the numerous lending companies in the business of providing foreclosure bailouts to the millions of people sharing your situation. Just be careful to research any foreclosure bailouts business before committing yourself to dealing with them, because there is a fair share of fraudulent operators among them. Those who end up dealing with one of the scammers could not only end up without their foreclosure bailouts, but without their homes.

How Foreclosure Bailouts Work

Foreclosure bailouts are simply financial loans to those faced with foreclosure, made with the understanding that the funds will be used to pay off the default so that the foreclosure proceedings are abandoned. The foreclosure bailouts will pay off the earlier mortgages, and the lenders will become the new mortgage holder on the homes.

Unfortunately, most foreclosure bailouts are granted in amounts will only offer between seventy and seventy-five percent of a home's fair market value, and will charge interest rates of up to fourteen percent. So before agreeing to a foreclosure bailout, a homeowner should be very sure his or her income can support what are almost certain to be higher monthly payments. A bad credit rating, however, is usually not a deterrent when it comes to qualifying for a foreclosure bail out, because the lenders issuing them already know that their customers have failed to make their existing mortgage payments for several months.

The Sale And Leaseback Scam

Given the current state of the housing market in the US, providing foreclosure bailouts has become a very lucrative business, and has drawn its share of predators. Most of them engage in Sale and Leaseback programs which simply play on the desperation of homeowners and should be avoided at all costs.

The only sure way to avoid foreclosure is to buy only a home on which you can afford the payments even if your finances take a hit. You do not need the stress of having to juggle your finances every month just for a bigger home, and happy small home is really preferable to a larger one which makes you miserable, isn't it?

There was a time when you thought, and your banker agreed, that you were a great bet to handle monthly payments on a mortgage for twenty or thirty years. You had that confidence once, and you can recover it. And when you do, you may find yourself surveying the foreclosures market to save money while putting yourself in your own home once again!