A Beautiful Bathroom Bags Buyers

by : Jerry Clifford

If you want to spend a little money on a renovation that will help ensure a quicker sale - the bathroom is the place to start.

It is only a small room, and personal taste differences will be limited when decorating this area, if you follow a few simple rules.

Normally, the advice given with bathrooms is not to follow the latest fad color scheme. However, lately the swing has been to earth colors, which almost fit the time-honored rule of decorating with neutrals.

The bathroom does lend itself to earth tones, especially if you're thinking of tiling floors and or bath/shower areas. Traditionally pastels have been used in bathrooms, especially blue or green, so an earth color scheme could be eye-catchingly different.

However, a bathroom is also nice if it's very light and bright, so limit yourself if you're choosing olive green or earthy browns, and add pale shades to complement.

Renovating a bathroom generally returns approximately 90% of the initial outlay when you sell the house, so money spent this way is a good investment for you.

Changing a bathtub, toilet, sink and adding tile will be your biggest outlay. But other factors are equally as important, like for instance the lighting. A strong light running down each side of the mirror will benefit both the shavers and the make-up artists in the family!

While this type of lighting is sought after, if you want to add ambiance, add some hidden lighting. This type of lighting (sometimes referred to as cove lighting) is indirect and soft, and the source is hidden.

If you're choosing tile, the range of choices is amazing, including ceramic, slate, marble, granite, cork and porcelain, to name the most popular. If you're really on a budget, cork flooring is very reasonable and withstands moisture well. It is also a renewable resource.

However, if you want the bath area to match the floor, you will probably choose porcelain, which is stronger than ceramic. You may not be aware that if you already have a ceramic floor, it can be re-surfaced by professionals.

A coat of paint is the cheapest and the most effective make over. If you are using more than one color on the walls, try to use white (or the palest color) on the wall that gets the most light. This way the extra light will be deflected into the bathroom.

A bathroom has a very utilitarian purpose, and a renovation will add to its feeling of cleanliness and newness. This is very important to the prospective buyer.

However, with the ambiance of the cove lighting in place, and perhaps a candle and a vase of flowers placed near the bath-tub, you'll also be suggesting its use as a relaxing and pleasurable place.