Paid to Click Programs

by : Jon Dell

Paid to read and paid to click programs, otherwise known as PTR/PTC are legitimate online scheme that are now proliferating on cyberspace. This method is employed by many internet companies in their advertising campaigns. These companies pay people for reading emails. They pay you when you click a link in the email and visit the site that they are advertising, usually for a set amount of time. Others offer payment for surfing, clicking links, banner or just for joining or subscribing to a program. They also give additional money when you get other people to join under your link.

Some people say, it's not worth they time. 'Yes they pay, but for a measly sum.. and it takes so much time and effort before you receive your check'.

About two years ago, I joined some of these PTRE companies and started reading emails and clicking links hoping that I can earn some amount for my gas. I earned a few bucks after six months and I am tempted to stop. But I realized that I only did one part of the system. I never advertise and tell anyone about it... and that's the reason why I never accumulate my earnings.

The secret to making money on PTR/PTC is to build a network of members under your name. You see, these companies give additional bonus if those people under you read their emails. And that's where the real buck is. Imagine, if you have 10 people under you and those 10 recruited 10 each, you will then be entitled to some amount everytime those 110 people click their emails. The good thing is that most of these PTR/PTC pay up to 5 levels of your downline.

But certainly, you will not accumulate thousands of dollars reading emails and clicking banners. But if you have the habit of sitting in front of the computer daily, maybe, you might as well give this a try. Spending an hour opening your inbox will not harm you anyway. And sometimes, you can really find good offers and products that you do not find in your usual surfing cruise.

May I just give you a few tips in case you are tempted to join a few of these PTR programs. Before joining any program, it is important that you read exactly their offers. What you should look carefully are the following:

  • Payout Scheme: it is advisable to pick those that give low and reasonable payouts;
  • Mode of Payment: usually, most PTR/PC pay in check but others also offer payment through e-gold, paypal or stormpay. Select what will be the most convenient on your situation;
  • Pay rates: The range is usually from 1 cent to 10 cents, but others also give special rates for special click options and pay to join program;
  • Sign-up Bonus: Usually, it's better to pick those that offer lower sign-up bonus. Those that give $50, $100 will put you waiting because, their payout will also be much higher.

There is one last thing: Joining too many PTRE programs may clutter your mailbox. For starters, it is advisable to pick at least 10. Make sure that these programs also give you some freedom to choose the type and categories of product ads that you wish to receive. That way, you can also have some enjoyment of viewing the offers.

To build you network, it is important to put those ten PTRE companies into one URL to make your referral task more easier. There are some sites that offer site consolidation.

One can be found at

Good for starters. If you join from their site, you also learn to set-up your own mini website that will offer all the programs that you join.. all for free. I suggest that you visit the site to overcome your possible difficulty in building your downlines.

PTRE is all for real and its free. If you need money and looking for a job, certainly this can help. But never expect to get enormous riches out of it.