When None of the Top Homes for Sale in Texas Fit your Need...

by : Tim Dillard

Many real estate companies and builders claim to have the top homes for sale in Texas. However, on many occasions, would-be homeowners find that they simply aren't seeing any homes that fit their needs. If you are in this situation, don't give up. Buying isn't the only option. For less money than you may believe, you can choose instead to build a new home. Homes built by the homeowner are some of the best places to live in Texas. In fact they are some of the best places to live in America as a whole, because they fit the owners live a glove.

Your first step in this process is to choose and area in which to live. The top places to live in Texas really depend on your personal preference. Texas is a big state, so you should be able to find whatever you want, be it a ten-acre piece of land on which to build a ranch house or a smaller plot where you'll be closer to the city. When thinking about neighborhoods, keep the following questions in your mind:

- What rules and regulations will I have to follow as a part of this community, especially when building my house?
- Will my kids have access to a good education and places to play such as parks?
- How long will the commute be to work?
- How far away are fine dining and entertain locations?
- How far away are the nearest police stations, EMT hubs, airports, medical centers, and fire stations?
- Is there a community center? If so, do they have amenities like a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a fitness center?
- Who are my local elected government officials?
- How much will it cost to buy land in this area?

Remember, want you want in a neighborhood may be drastically different than what your friends and family like, so it is important to keep and open mind and explore all of your possibilities.

Next, find a builder, preferably one that has worked on some of the top homes for sale in Texas. The more experienced you builder, the better you can expect the outcome of your house to be. Initially, your build will probably have a number of plans that you can peruse. They may even have model home for you to see, so even if they are in the wrong neighborhoods you can get a sense as to how the house will look.

From these initial plans, many of which may come from some of the top homes for sale in Texas, you can tweak things to make the plans work for you. Maybe you want a walk-in closet instead of an additional bathroom. Maybe you want a patio. Maybe you want a dining room that is open to the kitchen. In any case, go through the initial plans that you like best and work to change them so that they'll be what you need.

Remember, the top places to live in Texas aren't cheap. When you're finished changing the plans with your building, you'll get an estimate. It may be much higher than you expected, but don't worry-planning the top homes for sale in Texas take time! You can work with your builder to shaver dollars off of the price. For example, cheaper windows may save you a thousand dollars here while leaving off the balcony will save you even more there.

The best places to live in Texas, however, are not ones on which the homeowner compromises too much. In order to prevent having to give up your initial dreams, disclose your projected price range to your builder before you ever get started. He or she can help you design a home in your price range.

Remember, these builders have worked on some of the top homes for sale in Texas. Trust their judgment and your instinct when it comes to planning and building your house, and you should find that the end result is the home of your dreams. Building a house can be hard, but at the end of the day, it can be rewarding to fall asleep in a house that you know was made especially for you.