Do not Let Them Repossess your Home

by : Ajeet Khurana

These days, buying a house means securing a mortgage. With property prices shooting through the roof, it is not surprising that we have no means to by a house other than by taking a loan. Given this situation, we are lucky that there has been such immense growth in personal finance. That is the reason why most of us face few difficulties when we seek to avail of mortgages to finance our house buying dreams. However, things may not always be hunky-dory. The burden of a mortgage can be a heavy one. In case of a short term financial crisis, paying off the mortgage may be quite a challenge.

What do we do if a money-guzzling emergency happens to arise? This could adversely affect the ease with which we had been paying off our mortgage dues. As we all know, in the case of a mortgage deal, the lender has the option of repossessing the property in case the borrower states that he is in no position to pay off the loan. In most cases, borrowers are able to deal with the hefty installments that have to be paid. But occasional borrowers run into financial difficulties that make loan repayment a lot more difficult. Things may even come to such a head that they face the prospect of eviction from their current home.

Mortgages do go wrong sometimes. So what does one do to stop repossession and emerge out of debt? If possible, one could try and manage a quick house sale to get out of debt. By selling the house at prevailing market prices, one could get back enough to pay back the mortgage amount as well as find some other place to move to, even if it is a temporary situation. It may be prudent to take the help of a broker to help you sell your house. When speed is the greatest necessity, you cannot sit around waiting for a buyer to wander in and buy your house. Thus, an agent or broker is the best bet.

Another option that we may have in such a situation is to go in for sell and rent back. Some financial institutions offer such an option. They help you sell your house quickly and even allow you to rent it out. You also have the choice of buying back the same house once again when the state of your finances improves a little. In case of a short term financial crisis, the sell and rent back idea is a great one. At least you can continue living in the same house till you can buy it back.

The thought of getting evicted can cause a lot of tension. And in times of financial crisis, our need for a place to call our own is great. Thus, we should make a conscious effort to stop the lending institution from repossessing our property if we face trouble while paying the monthly installments. There are several ways and means of dealing with debt these days. Stopping repossession is no longer rocket science. We just need to find the right financial consultant to help us get through our financial troubles. A quick house sale is all that we may need to decrease our burden of debt.