How Modern Technologies Work for Real Estate Business

by : Steve Hopkins

Nowadays, everybody considers 3D as a quite standard thing - we have tons of that kind of media around us, such as 3D computer games, 3D movies and so on. This virtual environment is getting deeper in our lives and to be honest, people like it. For many, it's like being a part of the future, like touching something that we could have only read about in science fiction books some 30 years ago.

Sometimes we do not really understand that 3D is already something that we expect, not only consume as a product in the Movies and pay attention to in TV ads. Speaking in terms of the usual business based on goods production, sometimes we wish there was a 3D model or animation of some product before we buy it.

A major part of all sales is done online these days, using the ever growing sales channel - the Internet. You can find nearly everything on E-bay or Amazon, if not - there must be something you are looking for in the Internet itself, with all its billions of web pages and millions of online businesses. And when speaking about some unique product that needs more info for the buyer to make a decision - a higher level of the product visualization is required.

Here we go - Real Estate business sector, with thousands of agencies and millions of properties. And thousands of buyers too! I was one of them recently.

Having browsed a number of local real state agencies' web sites and their offers, I was a bit concerned about the size of the information presented - merely enough to give a brief description. A couple of low resolution photos, usually giving no solid picture of the interior, sometimes a graphical 2D floor plan - and that's it.

My mind was demanding something more visual, a video from inside the house for example. But, everyone knows that videos are big files and internet is not a cable television and I understood that technically it would be rather naive to expect it there. Eventually, I found a link that brought me to what was called a '3D House Walkthrough' - a computer graphic animation that literally let me walk through the house, around the house and even the back yard.

Now that was a nice discovery. Something that I thought I would never find appeared to be there - well, I never doubted that if there is will there is ... an Internet. My further research on such functionality for Real Estate web sites was not very promising, as I could not find anything else of that kind. To my understanding, the majority of agencies either underestimate the power of 3D or just are not aware of such services at all. was the 3D house flythrough video developer, and I say Thank You, it was nice walking that virtual house without a need to drive miles to it.
To my belief, this kind of 3D presentation is highly demanded and will soon be a wide spread feature on every Real Estate web site.