Finding The Best Time To Buy Your Own House

by : Gerald Mason

Renting should be thought of as the short-term solution to the housing problem. Let us not rush out and buy a house, and get stuck too permanently in one place. Don't be in too big a hurry to buy.

Renting will provide a place to live, without too much capital investment, and will permit you to move without too much trouble, if necessary.

If you have moved to an entirely different part of the country, you should be careful not to buy until you have decided for sure that you intend to stay. It may also be better to rent for a year or two, until you discover what town or what part of town is best for you.

Sometimes a good house can be rented for a year, with an option to buy included in the contract. This gives you more time in which to make up your mind.

Buying a house is a large undertaking, which should be given plenty of thought and consideration. In the meantime, renting is obviously the thing to do. If you rent in the part of town where you think you might like to live, you can study the neighborhood to find out whether it is just the district you want or not. When you have decided exactly where you want to live, it is time to begin thinking of buying or building.

Buying a House

It is too bad to get a house bought and then decide to move. But it is equally unfortunate to postpone buying too long. Rent money is lost and cannot be recovered. If you are reasonably sure that you are permanently located, that is for five years or more, then it is time to begin to think about buying or building a good permanent home.

Perhaps the ideal way to get a suit of clothes would be to find a good tailor, have him take your measurements, and help select a suitable fabric; then let him make the suit. But most of us go to the places where they sell ready-made suits and buy them di¬rectly. This saves time and is usually less expensive, though admittedly the fit is often not perfect, and the tailoring somewhat less than might be desired.

It is a good deal the same way in getting a house. You can hire a good architect to design you a house and find a reputable contractor to build it, or you can buy a house ready made. The ready-made house may not fit your family as well as the custom-built house, but it may be a pretty fair fit, and you can live very happily in it.

A tailor-made house will probably cost more than a ready-made one, but whether it will be worth more will depend upon the wisdom of the designer, the skill of the builder, and the cooperation of the owner.

In this present chapter we shall consider only the proposition of buying a house already built. In a later chapter we can go into the problem of actually building your own house.

It costs something to keep a roof over your head, any way you do it. It is one of the expenses of living just as food and clothing are.

The question to decide is how to get the most satisfactory roof with the least expenditure of time and energy.
The ownership of a home is now within the reach of any person who has the determination to go out and get one. It may take time and it will certainly take effort, but it is greatly worth while.

The satisfaction of having a place of your very own, a fortress from which you can defy the cruel world, a headquarters for your living, a place where the landlord does not tell you what to do, and particularly what not to do; these are some of the Why do you want a new house? Are you tired of renting, or has your family outgrown the present house? Or are you in the wrong neighborhood? Or is the house getting obsolete? How much do you want a new house? Enough to spend the best years of your life paying for it?

Why should a person own his house?

Because he does not like to have a landlord come and collect a big price every month for the privilege of living in his rundown old house; because the payments he makes on his own house gradually give him an equity in the place; because it saves the necessity of moving so often.

In a rented house a person can't make any changes without permission and then he doesn't want to make them anyway, as he may have to move soon,

If you want to buy a house it is well worth using a free mortgage calculator to save you money on your mortgage.
rewards of owning your own home.