Finding a Gonubie Home for Sale Then

by : Michael John

Gonubie can be found in the vicinity of East London of South Africa. East London itself is drawing in many retirement-age individuals who find the area an attractive place to spend their golden years due to the mild climate and low population density.

The economy of East London has been booming lately due to the influx of industries such as manufacturing plants that churn out Mercedes-Benzes for the luxury market, food processing, pharmaceuticals, textiles and clothing. This is a welcome change from the apartheid era when East London was nearly abandoned by businesses. Nowadays, the East London Industrial Development Zone has been set up on 1500 hectares, acting as one of the South African duty-free sites.

On reason to buy a Gonubie property is the pristine Gonubie Beach that is situated on the banks of the Gonubie River. This beach has been able to win international recognition as an environmentally-protected beach through the Blue Star Award. Gonubie Beach was granted a Blue Star not only because of its adherence to environmental standards but also because it maintains satisfactory personnel, safety equipment, and facilities on-site according to Blue Standards standards. If you can find a Gonubie home for sale in this area, snatch up that Gonubie property as soon as you can - you will be sitting on a goldmine.

You will find your Gonubie property to be a good investment because it is on or near a protected South African beach - and South African beaches draw tourists from all over the world. To the north of Gonubie Beach, you will find a bluff and estuary; while to the south you are guarded by rocky headlands. If you purchase a Gonubie home for sale, it is possible to make short visits to the beach itself so you can take friends and family for a walk on the vast boardwalk that links the main parking lot to Gonubie Beach proper. There are also artificial tidal pools and lavish growth of native vegetation to see in the area.

You will not be isolated from South African society if you buy a Gonubie property because Gonubie Beach is connected by the N2 freeway to the city of East London itself. If you want a change of pace, or would like a respite from hunting for a Gonubie home for sale, then you may want to visit other East London beaches such as the Nahoon Beach and the Orient Beach.

It may take some time before you find the perfect Gonubie home for sale to buy for you and your family, so why not spend some time examining some other Gonubie property as well? As East London has a dearth of hotels, you might want to buy an old Gonubie home for sale or other East London property and turn it into a bed-and-breakfast. It is said that such lodging places are very much in demand among East London tourists nowadays. Not only will you be able to turn that old Gonubie home for sale into a charming hideaway for your family, you get to earn something from letting visitors experience the benefits that come with patronizing your establishment.