Tag a Vincent Estate Agent to Offer you a Vincent Home for Sale

by : Michael John

Have you ever noticed that all real estate agents, including the Vincent estate agent we are referring to above, almost never make house calls? That means that you have to make the effort to contact them first. But how do you know that the Vincent estate agent you heard about is the right one?

A very good way to know a person's credibility is if you know of other people who have done business with that Vincent estate agent in the past. Ask these people about the details of their purchase of a Vincent home for sale: How long did it take before they consummated the transaction? How much was initially offered and were the buyers permitted to haggle about the sale price? Did the seller have any clauses attached to the sale, like asking the new owners never to sell the property for sentimental reasons? (Some people are very particular about who gets to own their Vincent home for sale, because they want to know it will be cared for by the new owner.)

A Vincent estate agent who is worth his salt will inform you about pertinent information that are connected to your purchase of a Vincent home for sale. For example, what are the South African laws that dictate buying and selling of any Vincent home for sale? Can a foreigner purchase property in South Africa? How much is the going-rate for the commission from the sale of a Vincent home for sale? What is the industry standard for the price of a Vincent home for sale in the neighborhood you are eyeing? And why are people in the neighborhood selling their Vincent property in the first place?

If the Vincent estate agent seems to hedge or be evasive about such basic questions, that could be a danger sign for you. You have no obligation to buy from anyone who does not come upfront with you about the answers to your questions. If he/she doesn't know the answers, ask if he/she can refer you to someone who does know.

Buying your own Vincent home for sale is a big decision, that requires much preparation and research before you plunk down your money or sign postdated checks for it. If you are satisfied with the Vincent estate agent you tagged for the sale, then he/she should be able to steer you clear of any shoals in the water so that you avoid making costly and stressful mistakes.

It is helpful if you are able to find out which government agency is responsible for regulating the activities of any Vincent estate agent. This way, just in case your Vincent estate agent does something irregular - even illegal - you know who to turn to for legal and regulatory assistance. Fortunately, the apartheid government no longer exists in South Africa (though there are still people who espouse apartheid in that country up to this time) so you may get better service from the government nowadays.