Protect your Assets: Its Time to Winterize

by : Anne And Eddie Mckechnie

As winter approaches, homeowners need to consider the updates and repairs that will keep their home warm and cozy during not just this cold season, but for many to come. Neglected leaks or other repairs can cause gradual disasters, so don't leave them for another winter.

A small leak in a roof soon begins to cause irreparable damage. In snowy areas such as Minnesota, spring can be a horrible time to discover a leak, as accumulated snow begins to melt. Check attics and roof-tops on a regular basis, but especially before snow starts to fall, to assure no leaks have formed. While a patch of suitable roofing material should be enough to eliminate your immediate leak, consider that one leak usually signifies that the entire roof is nearing the end of its life. So patch your leak immediately, but unless a specific and direct accident caused that one leak, and the rest of your roof is new, start planning for a new roof right way. Waiting a season could result in another leak, and even more irreparable damage to the construction of your home. While a new roof can be expensive, it will add immensurable value, safety and comfort to your home.

Insulation is another important consideration before winter is completely upon Minnesota. Insulation's main function is to prevent heat from leaving your home, and to prevent cold from penetrating your walls and ceiling. Assure you have adequate insulation, and that there is no damage to the insulation. Leaks and dampness will reduce the effectiveness of your insulation, and in the worst case scenario, mold could develop, meaning your insulation will need replacing.

The important thing is to check for leaks or any other damage to your home often enough that you can fix them before a problem sets in. If neglected, leaks or damage can create long-term problems that can be far more expensive than if they were fixed immediately.

So winterize, and protect your most valuable asset: your home.