Selling your Home Quickly Without the Use of an Estate Agent

by : Silviu Marian

In circumstances such as extreme debt/facing a repossession order or bankruptcy, it can become necessary to free up the capital in your home in order to pay the creditors back what you owe them and get yourself out of difficulty as quickly as possible, before the courts take action against you.

What started out as a small debt can quickly snowball into an out of control crisis situation not helped by payments being missed for whatever reason and rising interest rates. It can become all too easy to bury your head in the sand and try to ignore the situation, or deny that the situation is even there. Often the thought of what may lie ahead may be too awful to even consider, so many people try to block it out. You may fear loosing your home, your business, your belongings, your reputation and your dignity. It may seem that you are in an impossible situation with no light at the end of the tunnel. In general, you feel as though you need a miracle!

Surprisingly to most, there is a possible solution to this problem for homeowners in the form of an investor who specialises in purchasing properties from people in these exact situations, and who understand how time sensitive the situation is which you are in. The speed at which investors such as these operate could mean all the difference between you ending up at a repossession hearing or not. A good investor will give you an initial cash offer for your home within 24 hours, based on the area your property is in and the average selling price of similar properties in the surrounding area. Should this indicative offer seem acceptable to you, the investor will then arrange a personal visit to your home in order to put a formal cash offer to you. If you agree to this price, they will then instruct their solicitors to proceed immediately with the purchase of your home. To help you out, they will generally reimburse you for your solicitor's fees or they will supply you with a solicitor free of charge.

Investors such as these will usually complete the purchase of your property within 28 days, although some have been known to complete within as little as 7 days when circumstances require it. This enables you to have the cash in your pocket and the ability to repay your creditors what you owe, saving you from the bankruptcy courts. The majority of investors will also give you the option to rent your home back from them as a tenant should you so wish, meaning you can remain in your home, often for a lesser monthly payment than your mortgage previously. Not only this, it is also usually possible to set up an agreement for you to have the additional option to purchase your property back from the investor once you are back on your feet, meaning you get the best deal all round. You get to stay in your home and even buy it back at some point in the future. There is a real possibility here that you can salvage a lot, if not all of what could potentially be lost in the event of bankruptcy/repossession if you act soon enough. You are also, of course, free to move out if that is what you want to do instead.

This service is unfortunately only available to homeowners, but if you are lucky enough to own your own home and have enough equity in the property to cover your debts, this is often the ideal solution to your problems. Rather than severely damage your credit rating with bankruptcy and loose your belongings, your home and many of your rights with it, this option allows you to do the unthinkable without anyone but you and the investor ever needing to know about any of it. It is a completely legitimate service offered by patient and understanding individuals and is fully within the boundries of UK law. This service is also not limited to those in debt, indeed anyone wanting to achieve a quick sale of their property for any reason is able to sell via this method.

There is no need to worry about repair work outstanding on the property or decoration which needs doing, as investors buy 'as seen'. A bit of work does not worry them!

Many investors operate in only one small area, so it can be difficult to hunt down a good one close to you, however, the business I run is completely nationwide. I manage this because I have personal contact with investors from all over the UK, and I can guarantee to find you an investor who will make you an offer on your property in the shortest time possible. I do not charge any fees to my clients for this service whatsoever.

The service is completely fee free to yourselves, as mentioned previously your solicitors fees are even paid for you. You will also find you do not require a Home Information Pack when selling in this way, saving time and money. There are no arrangement or valuation fees either. Investors such as these are able to offer you this service at such short notice because of one simple fact , their offer to you will be between 75 - 90% of your properties full market value in return for a cash offer on your home. This enables the investors to stay in business and offer such a fast service to their clients. You will find that all of the investors we deal with are extremely helpful and friendly, and there is nothing to be afraid of in discussing your problems with them.

You can rest assured that when selling your house via this method, only those who you choose to tell need know about the transaction. There will be no for sale boards outside your property and your debtors will be paid off, leaving you free to get on with enjoying your life again. The worry will be gone and your name need never appear in the local papers as a declared bankrupt.