Dubai Real Estate Boom

by : Editor-123

Dubai has always been the most attractive places in the entire UAE property scene. Dubai allows investors to capitalize on a new source of foreign investment. Within the last 2 years neighboring Emirates has taken due notice of the potentiality of real estate in this amazing city, considered as the wealthiest city in the Emirates. As investments are being done continuously in Dubai, the effect of this investment in the economic and tourist infrastructure has fueled the real estate market too. The rising population in Abu Dhabi has resulted in significant rise in the rental rates of the Rental property of Abu Dhabi within the Emirate.
Abu Dhabi has the potentiality to overcome some of the negative issues that had been affecting Dubai's real estate market like Man Power shortages and the effects of large-scale constructions on the roads and transport facilities. These signs are very positive indicator for the Abu Dhabi real estate business. Overall Abu Dhabi is looking bright with a shortage in supply of properties.
As prices are still low, an opportunity to make significant profits by investing into Abu Dhabi rental property market is present with the Abu Dhabi real estate investors. Even it may be said that Abu Dhabi will definitely be like the next Dubai for property investors.
A lot of money of Saudi is being invested in Dubai real estate, Rental property Abu Dhabi both for buying and selling. Even many high Saudi companies are also invested in the real development projects.
The key question for any real market may be that 'Is the Real Estate market is in a bubble and is this bubble about to burst'? But there are a lot of strengths and key drivers of the property boom in Dubai. If we see the demographics, Dubai's population growth is much high in the world and it is growing at an average rate of 7 percent per annum. And the other factor is high regional liquidity. So this money has found its way into Dubai and has fueled double-digit economic growth and raised people's incomes.
Dubai's GDP has expanded by 17 per cent over the last year and according to an estimate there is $42.5 billion worth of projects which are under construction.
Thus Dubai is rising as the world's most glamorous real estate property investment market. So in the real estate property market it is not tough to see why the Dubai's real estate market is attracting very large-scale international projects. In such ways, easily you can see that if so much has been achieved in few years, where will Dubai go from here?
So for a real estate property investor who is seeking a lucrative return, the new market of Dubai and Abu Dhabi is not a risky one and the fear regarding the market collapse is not a real one.