Finding Columbias Foreclosure Homes

by : philip smith

To all the other superlatives written about this city, you could add that's where Columbia foreclosure homes are the hardest to find. They have found the secret to living well in Columbia; unbelievably low cost housing, great choices in spectacular settings like those along Lake Murray's shores, a reputation for the best in a region that shines with Southern hospitality, and that includes the welcoming business environment. And, it seems, the secret to prudent borrowing and living within one's means and so avoiding the pain of defaulting home owners and rising numbers of lender owned property suffered in many other cities across the states.

Relocating, retiring, or just plain moving in to get some of the advantage of living in one of the nation's most attractive cities? If you can find them, foreclosure homes have a median price of around $96,000, in a city where new homes average $177,000 and all MLS home sales averaged $170,000 last month. Home prices continue to rise steadily but never aggressively. A review of the best known foreclosure listings sites gave numbers of foreclosures for Richland County from 190 to 50, with an average of 2,100 traditional real estate properties listed for sale. How do they do it so well?

A Mid-sized city in the Midlands region, isolated from the severe housing crises of the mid-west and south-east regions of the country, this is no backwater. It's a transportation hub midway between New York and Miami, and the Atlantic coast beaches are within easy travel distance. Historic homes combine with incredibly well-priced modern townhouses and condos. There are plenty of green spaces and outdoor recreational activities, lush scenery and inland water tracts that shield wonderful birdlife. The quality of life pluses are too many to mention here. Look for the extra bonus of a foreclosure discount, and let yourself in on the secret.