How To Refinance My Home Mortgage

by : David Faulkner

If you're looking at refinancing your home loan then it can be very confusing to think about the process of refinance.

Mortgage refinance basically means taking out another loan which will cover all of your other debts, to pay them off. You can get a secured loan, this means that should you be unable to pay, the loan is secured against your home.

Mortgage refinancing simply means that you pay off your existing mortgage with the money you get from refinancing your home. People often do this to lower the interest rate they have to pay, and therefore reducing the amount of money that their loan actually costs them.

It is also possible to get some money out of your property by refinancing. There are a few important steps to be aware of when refinancing

1. First you get the loan application and then complete it. This can be very difficult to do, I hate all forms!

2. The loan consultant then offers many different mortgages to you

3. You must carefully decide which mortgage is right for you

4. Complete the documentation that you need to apply to that specific loan

5. When you receive the disclosures for the loan, including all legal information, terms and other forms you must complete these and send them back to your loan consultant.

6. The loan consultant will then set up an appraisal company to contact you. This appraisal company is responsible for valuing your home. This is an essential step as you need to find out how much your home is worth now.

7. Your loan consultant pays off your old loan with the new one you've just taken out, and then process the loan file.

8. The underwriters of the loan will get all the information they need from the loan consultant. They will either approve the loan, or request extra information they need. If they do require any additional information then your loan consultant will give them your contact details.

9. The completed loan document is then sent off to the company that is issuing the title, or the lawyer who is responsible for closing the loan.

10. You have a 3 day cooling off period during this time. This is when you can cancel the loan without any obligations.

11. The refinance process is complete, and you have refinanced your mortgage.

If you are interested in refinancing your mortgage, then you should defiantly consider using a trustworthy mortgage company, or somebody that you have already done business with. You should be able to find a trustworthy mortgage broker, however if you do struggle, you can use one of the many online mortgage comparison services. For more info see on Home Mortgage Loan.

The online comparison services are very easy, they only take a minute to do and you get a list of suitable mortgages.