A single email is never enough

by : JD Burson

“Repetition is the key to advertising (marketing)". Those words were said by a friend of mine, Jason Olson, back in his days of selling radio and direct mail ads.

Jason, now the owner of Ultimate Web Designing (http://www.ultimatewebdesigning.com), said that a particular business owner was willing to buy a single month of advertising to see if it would be cost effective to do a full ad campaign. Jason told him that the consumer needs to be “hit" with the marketing message repeatedly in order for them to take in the message, understand it, and take action.

This also applies to email marketing. A very small percentage of people will respond immediately while others need to see your message a number of times before they even think about responding to your offer.

It has been said that nearly 70% of the market is made up of those people who take their time, shop around, and need to see offers more than a few times before giving them any consideration.

Therefore, your goal is to effectively reach, persuade, and motivate this large segment…which is nearly impossible to do with a single mailing. Repeating your marketing message is essential to attract this all important group.

Statistics have shown that the majority of sales occur in the follow-up process. However, you’ll need to do so in a timely, consistent, and convincing manner.

Repetition helps the consumer comprehend your offer, emphasizes how it would benefit them, and reinforces the urgency. Try revamping your next email marketing campaign into a string of messages and you will likely see a major improvement over individual mailings.

By creating a sense of “NOW" with your email recipients, and reinforcing that urgency in subsequent mailings, you influence and guide your unresponsive prospects into action. Also, try adding an extra incentive with each mailing and your offer will become more valuable and more difficult to pass-up.

Email marketing campaigns can be entirely automated with autoresponders. Your series of pre-written follow-up email messages can be automatically delivered to someone who responds to your offer or requests more information.

Keep in mind that your email marketing campaign is only for your opt-in subscribers. Just as repeating your offer can increase the response rate, unsolicited email (spam) can increase your chances of earning a bad reputation.

Conclusion…In order for any marketing campaign to work, the majority of your market needs to see your offer more than once. When your offer is seen over and over, people will start to remember it and realize the importance of it.