How to Make Readers Desperate

by : Steve Atlas

Are you looking for ways of persuading your web site visitors to buy your product or service? Or for ways of writing a sales letter so that you sell more?

Then you need to understand why people buy in the first place.

People buy things because they want to. Not necessarily because they need to.

We don't need to buy expensive designer clothes, for instance, but we want to. Because we want to look good, and great clothes makes us look good. Why do we want to look good? In many cases, simply to attract the opposite sex.

This is why so many designer clothes ads use sex to sell.

It's simple, but it works. In a magazine ad – by placing a guy in a particular designer suit next to a couple of beautiful women, the readers subconsciously thinks that by buying that suit, he too will attract beautiful women.

Emotion makes you buy. Wanting to achieve something makes you buy.

You need to trigger the reader's desire for your product. Not necessarily by focusing on your product, but on how his life will change when buying this product.

Focus on the potential customer, not your product.

You can't force people to buy. Unfortunately, some of you might say.

But why force someone, when you can make them want to buy voluntarily? With much better results? Trigger their emotions so that they want to buy. Make them want your product. Feed them with emotional triggers so that they get excited about the project. Let them so the sales job.

How to trigger their emotions?

Tell your reader how his or her life will change after buying your product. Are you selling power shower heads? Tell them how fantastic you'll feel every morning using these heads. Describe it. Compare your power shower heads to the ordinary, cheap shower heads.

Show them how the features of the product will benefit the buyer.

Appeal to his or her emotions.

Are you selling cars? Let the prospect sit in the car, let him drive the car. Point out all the little details, like the high quality leather that is used on the seats. (Don't say a word yet about how much this costs extra.) Paint him a picture...describe to him how wonderful it'll be to drive this car every day. Describe how the product will change his life.

Make them want your product.

But in order for the emotional appeals to work, you need to use logic, too. Because the prospect must justify his uncontrollable urge to buy.

After the initial emotional appeal, give him all kinds of logical reassurances of why it’s OK to buy. Tell him how much money he will save using your product, tell him you’ve reduced the price of your product so that if he likes it he’d be much better off buying straight away, tell him that you will give him additional bonuses if he buys immediately, and the best trick of all…

Tell your potential customer that he can return the product to you at any time and get a full refund if he’s not entirely happy about it.

This is the ultimate logical appeal.

If he wants your product; if you’ve made him want your product - the main thing holding him back is money. If you take away this risk, he’s got nothing to loose.

Use emotion to get your readers to desire your product by showing them how they will benefit from the product. Use logic to take away their resistance to buying. Use logic to take away all the risks.