Tracking Your Marketing Internet Files

by : Laurie Meade

I recently had the opportunity to review a really cool piece of software for internet marketers.

It is called PromoBuddy. It is a database program that is geared toward helping the internet marketer keep all the resources they use on a regular basis at there fingertips and easily accessable.

Do you have trouble keeping track of all your marketing activities and files on your hard drive? I did.

That was until I got my hands on a new internet marketer’s database organizing software! It is called PromoBuddy. It was designed by a marketer, named Detlev Reimer.

In a recent email he shared his advice on learning all you can about internet marketing. He told me he has read at least 30-35 ebooks by top Internet marketing experts and now it seems to paying off for him.

Detlev has been doing marketing for over 15 months. He has just gone full-time with his Internet marketing...Jan. 1st!

Its going on a week now, that this software has been installed on my hard drive. There has not been more than a few hours go by when it is not open and minimized.It is always ready for me to pull it up to input some data quickly.

It has allowed me to have all 20 articles that I have written for promotion into one place. It makes it so easy to find affiliate information, keyword data and ads when I am filling out forms for promoting the website.

In a weeks time I now have a list of over 200 internet marketing articles with useful information. I may want to refer back these articles or publish them in a future issue.

It has files for me to keep all my login details, and it keeps a list of Ezine databases, and Article Databases at my fingertips. It allows you to be able to go down the list, submit an article and know which ones still need to be submitted and to which sites.

What an awesome tool to save time and keep organized.

His web page is an education, in and of itself. It has links to screenshots of all the different aspects of the program.

It is simple to get going with it. You can have it installed in less than 5 minutes. You can be putting it to great use within the first half hour of using it.

The only drawback, I found was that it was missing a few categories. A quick email to Detlev, about these suggestions, and I am told they will be added to a future upgrade.

Check it out. Like all great software, you can try a limited version before you buy it, to get the feel of the program.

It has saved me time, and helped me focus on whats most important. The marketing aspect of my site. Now I don't have to hunt all over my hard drives, trying to remember where I put that one particular file I need to reference.

At the touch of a search button, you can bring up several articles written on a specific topic. You can sort and change the search angle in a variety of different formats.

Could you ask for much more!