A Long Lasting Deck Will Increase your Homes Value

by : Scott Baxter

In a warm climate like Arizona's, building usable outdoor living space is one of the simplest ways to add value to your home and enjoyment to your life. Imagine hosting parties on your back deck. Add a barbeque and cooler and the experience is complete. A deck can easily be added to almost any backyard.

If you are considering a deck, but want something that will require less maintenance than wood, consider composite decking. Usually made from a mixture of recycled wood and plastic resin, composite decking is UV resistant, fade-proof and durable. It has the warm look of wood, but doesn't need sanding or staining every year. Further, the planks can be seamless, cut to your exact desired length. Most composite decking companies offer railings in colors and styles that match, or accentuate, your choice of decking.

The nice thing about this choice in decking material is its long life. When selling your home, something that will require constant maintenance from the new owner will be a turn-off. But a low-maintenance back-yard deck, that will remain low-maintenance for many years to come, can become your homes main selling feature.

Here's another idea: if your deck is south or south-west facing, it may be quite hot and bright in the afternoon sun. While everyone loves a good dose of sunshine, you might consider shading a portion of your deck. Fast-growing vines like Wisteria can be purchased at most garden centers. A young Wisteria vine, planted in the ground right beside your new deck, can be over eight feet tall within three years or less. If you've got a nice arbor for it to grow along, you can control where you want shade. Wisteria grows beautiful light purple flowers in the early spring, and develops long-seed pods later in summer. However, if you have limited space, the fast growing Wisteria might not be for you.

If space and is limited, consider the more delicate Clematis, or perhaps Passion Flower. You may get less shade from the more delicate leaves, but they won't grow as fast or as high as Wisteria. Grape is another vine idea, and can be easily pruned back each year to maintain a consistent size-but this may just be creating unnecessary work. Consider your needs, perhaps ask for advice at your favorite garden center, and you'll find the right shade-giving vine for your situation.

Ponds are another attractive feature on or beside a deck. Most garden stores carry simple pond supplies. Buy a pump with a filter embedded into it, to reduce any labor on your part. These can create a pleasant spray, while keeping your pond clean. Flowering plants add the piece de resistance.

But you don't need to get carried away on deck accessories. A simple, attractive deck is enough in itself to attract a buyer who enjoys the odd back-yard barbeque. In the meantime, it's all your to enjoy.