Viva Las Vegas - Seniors Soak Up the Desert Sun

by : John West

Las Vegas has long been famous for its graft and sin, but now with the fastest growing seniors population in the country, it's getting attention for being a retirement mecca. Though Florida still holds the crown, Nevada is tempting retirees with its low cost of living, lack of state income tax and hurricane-free fair weather.


When Grandma retires to live Nevada, expect less retirement and more living. World class shopping, entertainment and the constant action in the city of Las Vegas are all part of the attraction. Add this to the beauty of the desert hill country and abundance of wide open space and you have a winner.

Today's seniors are not like they were 30 to 50 years ago. They are living longer and living better. More active and involved than ever before, today's retirees are demanding choice when it comes to lifestyle. In Las Vegas, builders have responded to that demand by developing a wide range of retirement communities that revolve around activity and healthy living. A far cry from the hospital setting of the old fashioned nursing home, these communities are just that - communities. Often age-restricted to keep the riff raff out, modern retirement communities give residents access to the kinds of services and recreation they want. Some of the most popular of these are built around one of America's favorite games - golf.


What better place to practice the perfect shot than the leisure capital of the world? With beautifully manicured greens, it's easy to see that Las Vegas golf communities are here for the love of the game. Great surroundings and great neighbors make them popular choices. And for golf lovers who have had to spend their working lives in more wintery climates, the Nevada climate is a perfect reward. Annual inches of snowfall for this state? Zero. When you live on a golf course, anytime is tee time.