Staging your Charlotte Home

by : Keith Lutz

Staging: The art of preparing a home for sale. It has really become the new thing in home sales. More people are staging their homes than ever before and consequently homes are selling faster and for more money than ever before. Does this fact have entirely to do with staging? No, but a proper staging is definitely a factor. There is a real necessity in today's market to ensure that your home really stands out on the local market. There is also more and more competition for homes out there today and your home needs to be able to attract attention from the available buyers. Staging is the best way to ensure that buyers notice your home and are interested enough to come and have a closer look.

If you have decided to stage your home yourself then there is some work to be done so let's get started! Staging can be a fairly simple process if you prioritize things properly. Fist things first, consider the furniture that you have in your home. Will any of it get in the way of a proper showing? If so then it really is best to simply remove that furniture. The more open space a home has for buyers to move about in the better. This allows buyers more access to the home and more room to explore and imagine how their furniture will look in the home. This will also give the home more of a professional look which is a great asset in home sales.

Staging is not just about moving furniture around but also thinking about the art that is on the walls, the color of the walls themselves and any way of accentuating the home. If there is any question that they home may need some paint then don't hesitate to break out the brushes. Neutral colors are really the way to go at this point as extreme colors can be difficult for some to see past. You should also consider the way you have the home decorated. Remember that you are trying to appeal to as many people as possible and while your decorations are great for your life, they may not be to everyone elee's taste. There are actually businesses that rent furniture and art specifically for home showings so that is one thing that you may want to consider. Home shows are the backbone and life of real estate so never underestimate the power of a good show.