Home Styling Helps Sell Phoenix Homes-offsite

by : Wayne Hemrick

If you are ready to sell your Phoenix homes or Phoenix condos, your Phoenix realtor will ask you to consider staging your home to create a favorable impression on buyers. Not only can the staging of your phoenix real estate listings make your rooms look larger, but it can also help create an ambiance that will appeal to home and condo buyers.

Although home staging is a relatively low-cost improvement to Phoenix realty, it can speed up the sale of your home tremendously. Essentially you are getting the interior of your home in great shape so that it looks its best.

One idea that helps is to remove clutter from every room. Limit items decorating table tops to uneven numbers. Groups of 3 or 5 items look better than 2 or 4 items. You will especially want to be diligent about this in the kitchen. A cluttered counter top makes the kitchen look smaller, so be sure to leave only the fewest essentials. The front of the refrigerator should be clean as well--this is not the time for magnets and papers there. The same goes for the bathroom--less on counter tops is best. Be sure to put in some energy into cleaning the bathroom thoroughly, so that tiles and floors sparkle. Invest in an attractive new shower curtain if your bathroom has a shower. A new set of towels might also be in order. Tiny bouquets of flowers in the bathroom are another nice touch that makes this room inviting.

Now take a look at your rooms in terms of the furniture within each room. Experiment with rearranging the furniture if necessary to make for ease of movement through the room. If possible, move some of the furniture into storage. The less furniture in the room, the more spacious it will look.

If it looks dingy, fix it up. This might mean painting rooms that need a fresh coat, shampooing carpets, cleaning drapes, and making sure that your windows sparkle. You want to have a light-filled house, so be sure to open the drapes when you are showing the house to prospective buyers.

Homes look warm and welcoming when they are well lit. When prospective buyers are coming over, burn a pleasantly fragrant candle to help make the home smell nice, and turn interior lights and lamps on. An easy-listening disc on your home stereo quietly playing in the background helps make for a relaxing experience, and a pleasant one for buyers who come to see your house.

Any steps you take in terms of home staging will help your Realtor in presenting your house in its best light, and can help increase profits for you when it comes to negotiating for the best deal.