Buying Incentives

by : Justin Lee

In today's high-stakes real estate market it is important for sellers to present the most comprehensive home package that they can. Buyers like to feel like they are getting a good deal on a good home and it is up to the seller to ensure that buyers are happy with the purchase of their home. One way that a seller can do this is to allow certain incentives to buyers so that they can customize the home to their liking or to fix certain things that the buyer does not have time to fix before the sale. Satisfaction is really important in a home sale as buyer's remorse on a 100k+ purchase can be a trying thing. So as a seller what kind of incentives can you offer to buyers to make your home that much more attractive?

The most usual of offered incentives are decoration related. Perhaps you know that your home could use an exterior paint job or an interior touch-up. As opposed to having the job done before listing the home you could let it be known that there is a certain dollar allowance for painting. This will allow the buyer to choose their own colors and make the home that much more their own. Other decorating incentives that are commonly offered are things like flooring or appliances or typically any other aspect of the home that could use improvement that the seller does not have the time to fix themselves.

Incentives have always been used to assist in the selling of products. You can see the practice in use for cars, trucks, furniture and any number of other products and the use of them in home sales makes good sense. If you can get more buyer interest by allowing certain amount for improvements then you are likely to get more serious traffic on your home sale as buyers like the opportunity to have some decision in what the home will look like. Another kind of incentive you can offer is for things that are necessary. If the home needs a new roof then this is an ideal incentive. Incentives will usually take the form of reductions in this price and can be used as negotiating tools by the seller or their representation.