Home Integrity, Security and Savings

by : Justin Lee

When people think about the integrity of their homes typically they are thinking about a criminal's ability to get into a home. That is a great thing to consider as safety is always important but what about other unwanted things getting into your home such as cold air? What about warm air escaping? These are all things that need to be considered when upgrading a home for sale. Buyers like to know that they are going to be safe and that they are not going to be spending heating and cooling dollars pointlessly. It is amazing how much money can be saved in an actual year just by making sure that there are no leaks in a home. Looking through the attic and basements if there are any are important spots to check as both can be huge egress points for heat and cold.

Another area that effects the heating or cooling of a home is definitely the windows. The quality of the windows can go a long way to keeping heating bills down. The best windows going right now are double-pane windows. These provide an extra layer of insulation for windows and as such hold in cold or warm air much better than single panel windows. There are several ways in which air can escape a home aside from windows. Go around the home and look at all doors and other entry points to see if the weather stripping is intact. Stripping may be more insubstantial in warmer areas but in areas where winter comes with snow and ice there should be fairly substantial weather proofing.

Another advancement in windows that helps out with home security is the ability to add special features to windows in order to make the home safer. Things such as inaccessible hinges, safety film and various alarm sensors have gone a long way towards making homes safer. Windows are one of the most common area that thieves can get into homes by. Making sure that your windows are properly installed and are connected to the home alarm system is a vital step in increasing the safety of any home. You can't really afford to take chances with home security, after all your home contains your most prized possessions and your most valued family. Be safe and be sure that your windows are up to the task of keeping your home safe and warm.