Affordable Furnished Apartments in Canada

by : David Phillips

As the frequent traveler knows, many business projects last to long for a typical weekend conference, or even for a one or two week work visit. It is difficult to stay in a sterile hotel environment for any length of time, especially considering that many hotels are on the outskirts of cities near airports, rather than in vibrant residential neighbourhoods. For travelers staying for only a few months, a special niche of furnished apartments exists, sometimes referred to as

Furnished apartments are designed to be rented on short term contracts and are often not even available for stays shorter than a month. Facilities range from extended stay hotel suites all the way to full apartments or houses. Suites are located in all areas of the city, including popular residential neighbourhoods as is the case with . Renting a furnished apartment avoids the hassles of a long term contract with landlord who is not eager to accept shorter contracts.

Although furnished apartments are more expensive than private housing, the time and convenience benefits are enormous. Also, when compared with daily or weekly hotel rates, furnished apartments are the only way to go cost-wise. Utilities are always included, and most apartments come with internet, cable, telephone service, maid service, fitness facilities, as well as heating and air conditioning. When looking for value in your choice of temporary accommodations, be sure to ask about these extras because if they are not included your costs will escalate quickly. High quality furnishings and appliances are provided, including kitchen equipment such as dishware, cookware, cutlery, toaster, coffee maker, stove, fridge, dishwasher, and even washer/dryer.

In contrast to a normal hotel, extended-stay suites provide a home-like environment where it is comfortable to live, and spacious enough for all your belongings. There is usually space for your spouse and kids to join you, or even to entertain guests while traveling.

Apartments can be found through real estate agencies, online directories such as or through a relocation agency such as Mobility Partners which are often listed in furnished apartments directories as well.

Apartments can be found in all major cities across Canada through nationwide providers, businesses with multiple locations in a single city, or individual buildings. Some companies offer daily and weekly rates in addition to monthly ones, but these tend to be more expensive because of the flexibility. Facilities located in the downtown business district are also more expensive typically and may not be close to other destinations such as groceries, recreation, and shopping. Whichever you choose, be careful to ask about the extras, review your rental agreement carefully, and be sure to get a tour of the suite if at all possible.