California Golf Communities

by : Cyndi Gerken

In today's real estate market we are seeing a real evolution of the average neighborhood. It would seem that in today's market the old concept of neighborhoods is getting a little old as the new rage is custom designed communities that have an impressive list of extras built right into the community. The most well known of these communities is easily the golf course community. Combining the luxury of a country club and the convenience of living right on the fairway, golf course communities offer an elegance that is unrivalled by average communities. Sit back for a minute and imagine waking up and having a coffee on your back deck and looking out over a exquisitely manicured golf course, sounds nice yes?

Even amongst golf course communities there is a division between those that are nice and those that are simply elite. Thunderbird Country Club falls into this latter category. There are seven distinct communities that feature Thunderbird Country Club and their centerpiece and these communities are as varied as the individuals who reside here. From classic elegance to more modern style there is a little something here for everyone. Life just seems a bit more laid back at Thunderbird and in reality it is. The homes here are dedicated to supplying residents with a relaxing and scenic living experience.

These communities are so well designed that they are a desirable home site even if you are not interested in playing golf at all. If you are simply looking for luxury and beautiful views from your home then Thunderbird Country Club is perfect for you. Who knows, you may end up golfing anyway! It can be a difficult thing to resist when you see the beautiful fairways stretching out before you. As one of the most established golf course communities in the nation, Thunderbird has been at this game for some time and has had the opportunity to develop their communities to the next level. While many places have only just begun this style of living, Thunderbird has been around for quite a while and has gotten to be quite good at what they do. Come and have a look at Thunderbird soon.