Real Estate in Calgary Alberta

by : Kerri Demski

When one thinks about the elite real estate markets in Canada there are usually a few areas that spring immediately to mind; Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are the usual suspects. However in recent years there is another city that has joined these cities with some of the most valuable real estate in the country, Calgary. Calgary's arrival on the top of the real estate heap really comes as a surprise to some and no surprise at all to others. People who are "in the know in Canadian real estate have been expecting this arrival for quite some time as Alberta and Calgary in particular are on the move. With a strong foundation in Canada's booming oil industry, Calgary has become the metropolitan area of the Prairies.

For those who were not expecting this move it has really been coming for quite some time. Calgary's economy has been growing stronger and stronger and this has been drawing in new businesses and residents in record numbers. Calgary has grown exponentially in the past 10 years from a smaller Alberta city to one of the major players in the economical and business makeup of Canada. Calgary has shown itself to be one of Canada's most versatile cities as it has blended a unique combination of industry and tourism into a viable and long-standing financial plan that has assured the city a bright place in Canada's future.

Like any city that is home to a growing industrial sector, Calgary's home and real estate industry has been heating up for quite some time. With a huge influx of new residents there is a healthy demand for homes in Calgary and some great real estate deals to be had. Whether you are looking for something smaller like a condo or town home or a larger single family home, Calgary's real estate market has whet you are looking for. Combine this with an excellent school system and great post-secondary institutions and the offer that Calgary makes becomes quite enticing. This is a city that has a lot to offer any new home owner and has a bright and secure economic future. Come and see what is going on in Calgary.