Summer Staging in Colorado

by : Kelli Bennett

Well the summer is upon us and along with it has arrived the year's biggest home selling and buying season. Summer is also a fantastic time to do some work on the old home before listing it for sale. One of the best things about summer is the ability to spend much of it outside enjoying the yard, the neighborhood and the community in general. In regards to home sales there is no better time to finish off those little projects that have been dragging on for months during the rain and gray weather of the fall and winter. If improving the curb appeal of your home is on the agenda then this is the time to get it done!

Residents of Breckenridge are lucky in that the town and surrounding areas set such a beautiful background. It almost seems like a waste of time to try to outdo the scenery here with a mere home.....almost. Many of the homes in this area are set amongst fields and copses of Pine and Aspen trees and the last thing anyone would want to do is to cut these beautiful trees down as they provide excellent privacy and a scenic and beautiful setting for the homes and properties. Tending to the grounds of your home is extremely important as people tend to have an image in their minds of an ideal ski village and that is the standard that homes for sale have to meet. However, in meeting that standard sellers can be assured of seeing a great profit from their home sale.

Staging the inside of the home is just as important as getting the outside in top shape. Buyers will be looking for homes that combine beautiful design with a functionality that is necessary for homes in a nationally famous recreation area. Having a congested and overly busy home that is cluttered will be a huge drawback to any sale. Organizing the inside of your home can be an great move to make as it will free up more area for buyers to move around in and it will help you to prepare for the big move that is imminent. Staged homes simply show better and the better the show, the easier the sale.