The Problem With Termites

by : Gary Ashton

A huge problem that is common for almost all homes is the fact that they are susceptible to termites. Termites are the bane of homes, these little bugs have the ability to reduce a home to sawdust in a remarkably short period of time. If you have never had a termite inspection it is something that you may want to look into. Now there are a few misconceptions about termites that should probably be looked at to better inform the home owner: they do not actually live in the wood parts of your home. Like another home nightmare, mold; they require a moist atmosphere in which to thrive. However wood equals food for termites and a home is like a all you can eat buffet.

Another thing that is a bit of a misconception about termites is that a concrete foundation is not a deterrent for these pests. It is truly amazing the minuscule size of an opening that these invaders need to get through something. It can be as tiny as 1/64th of an inch, so checking the foundation for cracks on a regular basis is a good idea. One thing that they do not like is exposure to negative environmental conditions and construct "tubes" that are used to get from one area to another. These tubes are an early indication that there are termites in your area. Once inside a home it is almost impossible to know for sure if they are there as damage is usually internal and does not show until the wood is damaged enough to change it's outward appearance.

Currently there are a few ways of preventing access to your home to termites. As I stated before a simple concrete foundation is simply not enough. Current technology employs sunken poison barriers sometime utilizing soil and more recently plastics to effective bar entrance to homes. If they have already invaded the home then a full-scale fumigation may be in order if the infestation is bad enough. Don't hesitate to contact a professional if you think you may have an infestation on your hands. The longer it is left the greater the damage to your home can be. Consider all of your options when dealing with these pests as there are new methods for dealing with being developed constantly.