Roncesvalles - Toronto

by : Leaftech

The village of Roncesvalles is a small community enclave located in the middle of the bustling city of Toronto. The neighbourhood has a population made up of diverse ethnic roots, including one of the largest concentrations of people with Polish backgrounds in the country. The neighbourhood encompasses the areas on both sides of Roncesvalles Avenue, which runs north-south from Lake Ontario.

The community is proud to present the annual Polish festival each fall. During the days of the festival, the Avenue is closed to traffic and festival goers can enjoy rides, games, entertainers, and dancing all along the village's main corridor. The festival is an incredibly popular event, attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year as numbers continue to grow. The 2006 festival was heralded by the Polish consul as an excellent presentation of Polish culture and a spectacular celebration of the Polish community within Canada.

As far as parks and recreation, those seeking entertainment in Roncesvalles can take advantage of the opportunities provided on the grounds of the several schools in the area. These grounds are ideal for games of softball or soccer (either impromptu or within organized leagues) as well as good old open space for running and playing for children. Schools such as Garden Avenue also include prototypical road hockey facilities.

Of course, the main attraction as far as parks in Roncesvalles is actually located a couple blocks west of the neighbourhood proper. Boasting a spectacular 161 hectares, High Park is the largest park in Toronto. The park has several kilometres of hiking trails as well as a zoo, splash park, playgrounds, gardens, baseball diamonds and tennis courts.

Natural attractions of the park include the hillside gardens and the famous Grenadier Pond. The pond is home to several species of animals, including small mammals and reptiles as well as fish. In fact, the pond is open to angling and is home to several fishing derbies. The fish caught in the pond are safe to eat and the fishing is an incredible and rare find in the heart of any city.

The neighbourhood of Roncesvalles is unique both within Toronto and in Canada. Easy access to famous recreational spots as well as a strong cultural background make it an interesting place to live or visit.