Montgomery County Md, Real Estate

by : Justin Lee

Tucked away in central Maryland lies Montgomery County and this area is fact becoming one of the most ideal living areas in the country. For many years Montgomery County has been associated with affluence but it has also been known as an area that is highly diverse. This is partially due to the MPDU zoning plan that has been in effect since the 1970's The Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit zoning plan was put into effect in order to create socioeconomically diverse communities where new housing developments are required to include moderately priced options. When this plan was initially launched Montgomery was one of the first counties to do so in the nation, however this is now a trend that is seeing widespread use throughout the country.

This is an area that is well situated to see continued prosperity for years to come. Montgomery County enjoys quick access to the nation's Capitol with is only about 30 minutes away. This has made this county a favorite of commuters who seek the more relaxed atmosphere of suburban Maryland as opposed to the hustle and bustle of urban Washington D.C. Commuters are presented with a few options in getting around this stunning area with the I270 & I70 linking the county to the Capitol region. There are also a few rail options with Amtrak and the MARC commuter rail system.

Montgomery County is also home to a thriving business sector that includes such notable companies as Lockheed Martin, Mariott International, GEICO and other public sector agencies like the FDA and The Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The success of the business sector in Montgomery County is largely due to the fantastic education system that has distinguished this county and set it apart as one of the best educated counties in the country. As one may imagine with such a successful business core and a highly educated population, there is an excellent range of homes and properties that range from quaint cottage style homes to rambling colonial estates and luxurious condos and lofts. A little something for everyone!