Changing Your Address To Spain

by : Peter Wilson

Many people who have spent a lot of time in Costa Blanca, Barcelona, or Costa del Sol have fallen so in love with the location they consider moving to Spain. But this is not a decision to be taken on lightly.

Before you ever start to look for a place to live, you need to visit the country a number of times. Make sure to visit different locations on each visit to find out what areas best suit you and your lifestyle.

Keep in mind when you move, you will likely have to support yourself for a while as you search for a job. Make sure you have enough money in the bank to get to Spain, set up your home, and keep yourself going for a few months while you look for a job in the area of your new home.

What You Need to Know Before Moving to Spain

You cannot necessarily just decide to pick up your life and move to Spain. There are government requirements to meet first. What paperwork and documentation you will need will depend on where you are coming from. You should contact your Spanish Consulate to know what is necessary. Also it may take a long time for all the documentation to processed so you should ask about the requirements as soon as possible.

Health insurance is a requirement in Spain. If you are transferring to a job in Spain, your employer may offer this coverage to you. If not, you will have to purchase your own health insurance coverage. As you research this requirement, you may want to call your current insurance company to find a doctor in the area of Spain where you are planning to move.

You will also need to research what it will take to get a driver's license. You can ask the consulate for this information. You will also need to find car insurance company in the area where you plan to live and sign up for a plan.

How are you going to get around once in Spain? Are you going to sell your car before you move or take it with you? If you are planning on getting a new car once you arrive, consider how you are going to do this. You may need to rent a car for a while, until you can find what you want, and that can be costly.

Living and Working in Spain

Unless you already have a job waiting, you need to start you job hunt as soon as possible. Check the internet for job openings before you even move and start sending in your resume.

If you are relocating with a company, ask them for help in relocation. This could save you some of the money you would otherwise spend to move.
You also need to travel through the area a number of times to find out where you want to live, then contact a real estate agent to help you find the home you want to buy or rent.